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Steven Veach | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 1 2020 9:00 PM

Hello All,

So, I'm just coming off of about three or four months of a disastrous attempt at using Accordance. I have to say, it was the WORST experience of my life! Nothing worked. Routinely crashed. It was terrible. I abandoned it about a week ago. I've just had enough. I'm walking away from about +$500 and countless hours invested. 

I was going to stick with theWord, but I figured, since I just started back to grad school and would have the academic discount, I would try Logos. So far, I'm rather (hesitantly) surprised at the capabilities. I've downloaded the free academic version and I'm putting it through it's paces. But, I have some questions:

1. Can you combine modules; example: the LXX OT and the TR NT so it sits on one tab together? I would prefer to have just one tab opened for a "Greek Bible" and when I look up a verse in the English bible, and I want to see it in the Greek, I can just click on that tab no matter if it's the OT or NT. Is this possible?

2. Is it possible to remove the poetical formatting in a biblical text? This is showing up in the Sweete LXX, but also shows up in the NKJV sometimes. Can I remove this and just justify the text like other places? (It's only in certain texts, like Job or Psalms). 

3. Is the NET bible module available on Logos two modules, 1 for the biblical text and 1 for the notes separately? I typically use the notes as a commentary reference so I would like it opened separately from the NET Bible text. Also, is the version available version 1 or version 2? 

4. Is the 37 Volume of the Church Fathers modernly formatted? The free version I have in theWord is horribly formatted in the footnotes, using roman numerals. Is the search feature accurate in the church fathers? Also, does all 37 volumes come in individual modules, in multiple modules (like 3+) or as one complete module for all 37 volumes? Also (also), are the footnotes hyperlinked so you can hover over or click on them and get a popup, or will the hyperlink take you to the footnote at the bottom of the page (or no hyperlink at all)? 

So far I am really liking Logos much better than Accordance. The right click feature is pretty incredible. The word-for-word section in the Exegetical guide is amazing! Using an LXX verse as an example: It first shows the Hebrew text in parallel to the Greek, and they are linked together word for word with highlighting. This was supposedly doable with the other program but turned out it was not. Didn't work for the LXX at all. But Logos then breaks down each word, show the Hebrew and the Greek words, definitions, then provides a quick link to word count, definitions, then the translation section in the Word Study breaks down each word it's translated into, and clicking on each word produces a concordance! That will be incredibly useful and save me hours of time when I start my PhD!

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide. Looking forward to seeing what else this program can do.


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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 1 2020 9:55 PM

Hello and welcome :)

1) Yes you can create your own 'series' in a Linked Set which will automatically switch the books in the series depending on the linked bible reference from your English bible.

2) Not really, there are some changes we can make such as one verse per line, removing pericope headings and LORD small cap capitilisation, removing verse/chapter numbers. You can check this from the 3 triangle dot icon on the bar in the specific resource, under 'Bible Text Only'

There are also you own visual filters you can add

3) The Net bible comes as three separate resources, Net Bible which contains references to the notes, Net Bible Notes which is just the notes, Net Bible (Noteless), which is the bible text with no references to the notes.

There is also 2nd edition in production which will presumably work the same way although I don't know that for sure.

4) I am not sure fully what you mean, they don't use roman numerals I can see, but there are often walls of text as in 2nd image. First image is from Augustine's commentary on the Psalms. Different widths are due to the panel size, font is my choice set globally (Open Sans fyi).

You can hover over the footnotes and it will pop up to show, or click to allow click following of links within the footnote.

It comes as 37 separate resources.

Hope this help Yes

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Steven Veach | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 1 2020 11:27 PM

Hey Kevin,

Thanks very much for the quick response and helpful answers. The creating my own "Series" worked great. Now I have a Greek bible, both OT and NT. 

Too bad on the poetic formatting. I played around with the filters but I prefer to have the reference numbers, etc in. It's not a deal breaker, just a little annoying to have the unnatural formatting. I work exclusively from a laptop and then Logos is not maximized to make room for my media player on the right side, so screen real estate is precious and the poetry formatting makes it difficult, especially since I need a larger font to read comfortable these days. But, luckily it's only in Job and the Psalms from what I can tell, so that's not too terrible. I can always maximize when I'm in those sections.

Good news on the NET Bible. I'm actually surprised they offer so many options. I brought it up because one of the programs I've used in the past (not sure if it's Accordance or theWord), their version 2 of the NET Bible will be released as only one module with the notes built into the module as hyperlink popups. So the only way to access the notes will be from the NET Bible directly which is completely ridiculous. I just wanted to make sure. I really like the NET notes. Not as big of a fan of the actual translation. Sounds like it will work out fine.

Thanks for the screen shot of the Church Fathers. Looks good. Can't tell if the footnote references in the text are hyperlinked? Can you click on them as you're reading and read the footnote from a popup or does it take you down to the bottom of the page? Or, no hyperlink at all? Just curious. I'm currently reading through the series. With 37 volumes (and 50,000 footnotes) the end of the world will probably happen before I finish. 


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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Sep 2 2020 12:13 AM

Steven Veach:
Can't tell if the footnote references in the text are hyperlinked? Can you click on them as you're reading and read the footnote from a popup or does it take you down to the bottom of the page? Or, no hyperlink at all?

The footnotes are hyperlinked - hovering over them produces a popup

Or you can open the Power Lookup Tool and the text of the footnotes are shown separately in that panel

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Gregory Lawhorn | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 8 2020 6:43 AM

Hi Steven - welcome to the Logos family!

I used Logos for several years before coming across Morris Proctor's Logos Camps, and they made a significant difference in how efficient Logos is for me now. Check out Morris works closely with Logos, and goes methodically through everything you would ever want to know about Logos. Beyond that, he is generally quick to answer questions about features. If you are using Logos 8, then check out I have thousands of dollars invested in Logos; for $15 a month I have access to tons of information. And, if you can attend one of Morris' live seminars, it's well worth the money. 


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