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Randy W. Sims | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Oct 26 2020 11:54 AM

Why did Sales tell me they are allowed to wave the down payment for people who have an existing payment plan but not for new plans? In general, I understand and agree with the requirement for a down-payment... for those who don't have or have a limited payment history. I just finished off a $300/mo payment plan 12 days ago. I've been giving Faithlife a huge chunk of my check almost continuously since about 2012. Sales reps used to know us and work with us to make it happen. Maybe that's why they all got canned? Maybe my response is unreasonable and I'm just annoyed and whining at missing my first day 1 upgrade since I've been using Logos. I'll get over it. In a week or two I'll snatch up my library upgrade, maybe make a more reasonable, non-adrenaline fueled selection--I was kinda liking the idea of being payment-free for a while. It's just annoying that 12 days ago they would have added it to my plan with no fuss, according to the rep I talked to, but today I walk away empty-handed.

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abondservant | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Oct 26 2020 7:44 PM

ahhh the good ol days.

I haven't had a sales rep for almost two years. The last guy I had (I fired) because he was communicating with another forum user about me in negative terms. Apparently I was sending too many people his way looking to make purchases in accordance with the (whatever they called it) affiliate program.

Its been two years, and I haven't sent a single soul to sales. Don't want to burden them.

I DID email the guy and let him know the hows and whys, and that he was fired as my sales person.

Edit: By contrast, when Rusty Davidson was my sales person, at the L6 launch, I sent him ~40 base package purchases. give or take.

I now refuse to help that way. That was a large part of why I haven't spent much time on the forums the last two years. Left a bad taste in my mouth, when I was already feeling pretty raw towards FL.


I'm not upset about it any more. But I'm also over trying to sell Logos to people.

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