Top Tips of the Week for Logos/Verbum 9

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Nov 14 2020 1:23 PM

Why would a new (Word) document open with CBV?


After the upgrade to Logos 9, CBV now copies into a new word document rather than in the current one (as it used to with Logos 8). 

Bradley Grainger (Faithlife):

Are you running either (or both) of Word or Logos "elevated" (i.e., run as Admin)? If so, Windows won't let the programs communicate with each other (for security reasons), which may be why a new document is being opened. To fix, run both programs as a regular user.

Why is Sermon Builder not giving me a slide?

Bob Soule:
When inserting a scripture reference in the sermon builder (Mac version)  it used to create a slide for the reference content. It no longer does this.

Graham Criddle:
But it only works this way if you enter the scripture reference on a blank line and press Enter. Is this what you are doing?

Hiding vs. Remove from this Device


What are the advantages, if any, to Remove from this Device compared to Hiding Books?

Are books still searchable with Remove from this Device?

Dave Hooton:

The books are physically removed in both cases, so they are not available for searches or other features. If you Remove from Device they are still visible in Library so you can easily restore them, and they are still available on another computer/installation. Hidden books are removed from all (desktop) installations and are visible only in Program Settings, from where they can be restored one by one.

You will Hide books when you think you will never use them. You will Remove from device for more strategic reasons i.e. you don't have the physical space on one computer but still want them for another installation.

MJ. Smith:

Minor correction: Remove from this Device resources still appear in the search results section Library (Cloud) while resources on this device appear in the search results section Library (downloaded).

Collections vs Tags


Collections can be dynamic, eg type:encyclopedia or author:"Carson, D. A."

Nothing to update then when new resources are added.

You can also share collections with others eg., and share updates to the collection.

I use mostly collections, but do tag mostly for books that I want to add to a collection, as you can add eg mytag:collection-theology to a dynamic collection.

I believe there is a slight startup performance hit for dynamic collections as they are initially cached, but it is minimal and I don't start up that often. See for a bit of advice.

Can I Insert Text Comparison into Sermon Builder?

David Thomas:

1. Put a placeholder in Sermon Builder where you want to insert the TC image.

2. Open TC pane and select Print/Export from the 3-dot kabob.

3. export as "copy to clipboard"

4. click at end of placeholder in Sermon Builder and right-clic "paste" or cntl-v

5. The TC pane will import as a slide.

Note: there is a distinct limitation on length of passage.

Why blue highlighting in my interlinear?

Pastor Michael Huffman:
In the Lexham English Bible, with the interlinear turned on, why are some of the words white while the other words are blue?  


Do you mean like this? 

It is just highlighting where you have clicked in the text (on the surface word) or in the reverse interlinear pane, and the corresponding entry.

If you scroll down the page it sort of follows along, normally to the first word.

Non-Biblical Person: Triggering Fact Book from right mouse click

how can I Fact Book something other than from a bible? For example I have high lighted John Smyth in A Sourcebook for Baptist Heritage. when I right click John Smyth there is no option to search the Fact Book.

John Fidel:

You can right click on John Smyth, select John Smyth from the right mouse menu and run a basic search. The top entry of the search should be Factbook entries available. I know it is one more step and opens a search results pane, but it does work.

Copy/paste slide from Keynote into Logos Sermon!

Jackie Watts:

So, I tried something today....totally not expecting the incredible result! You can copy/paste a slide from Keynote (not sure about PowerPoint) into Logos Sermon! It uploads it for you! No more having to click EDIT, UPLOAD and such! 

template vs. sermon in Sermon Builder aka Homily Builder

what functional difference is there if I select a template instead of a sermon.

Graham Criddle:

It's designed to be used from the Sermon Manager enabling us to pre-populate a sermon document with a pre-defined template.

You can create templates in Sermon Builder and then use them in Sermon Manager


How do I change the translations used in the Information Tool Text Comparison tool?

John Fidel:
Since the Info pane is comparing how the original language text was translated, the only texts available would be those that have the underlying text included which are called Reverse Interlinears. The Info Pane cannot include translations that do not have the underlying original languages tagged to them.

Note: this means you cannot change them.

How do I rename the Title of one of my notebooks?

Andrew Batishko (Faithlife):
Move your mouse over the notebook in the list of notebooks. A triple-dot button will show up. Click that to view a menu that includes a Rename option.

How might one create a collection of untagged commentaries? 

Dave Hooton:

Josh Moore:

Simple really=> type:commentary ANDNOT mytag:*

Good. one. Also try type:bible-commentary {MyTag None}

The term in curly brackets is case sensitive, but it is faster than the ANDNOT expression.

Logos 9 "Type" under "Commentaries"

Eddy Jesus Gil:
Please consider including a new Type under the new commentary type feature in Logos 9 (Under Passage Guide): "Study Bibles"

MJ. Smith:

You can do this now. Put your mouse on the section header bar and you will discover a settings option. You can set the section to use a collection of your study Bibles. You can have multiple commentary sections in the guide, each pointed to a different collection. 

Orthodox Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev: "To be a theologian means to have experience of a personal encounter with God through prayer and worship."

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scooter | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 15 2020 4:33 AM

Thanks, MJ.  And contributors.

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