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Josh Hunt | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Nov 15 2020 6:06 AM

this particular commentary set would have been $180, but as part of Logos Reformed Silver, I got it and a number of other books for $17.99. (Could have gotten bronze for even less.) Ain't Logos grand!

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Bruce Dunning | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 15 2020 6:31 AM

Yes there are some amazing deals to be had. It is worthwhile checking all the bundles to see what you would get.

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DAL | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 15 2020 6:03 PM

Déjà vu thread! I got the same set for $8 and change! Awesome deals to be had indeed!


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Bill Anderson | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 15 2020 6:30 PM

I am finished (I think Smile) with my Logos library upgrades. I, too, got some great deals. Instead of purchasing the highest level of package in each tradition I was targeting, I followed the advice of others by purchasing the lower packages first and building up to the largest I wanted. At the end of the day, just by doing that I saved an additional 22.5% off the price I would have paid, which for me came out to over $356. While I didn't get Academic Professional before Hermenia was pulled, I still only paid $10 for the last remaining ICC volume I didn't own.

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