Produce a Logos version of "The Usborne First Thousand Words in Hebrew" for Biblical Hebrew & for Biblical Greek etc

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Robert Griffin | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Dec 27 2020 12:34 PM

I would highly value a type of "The Usborne First Thousand Words in Hebrew" for Biblical Hebrew & for Biblical Greek. It would also be good for all the other languages including Ugaritic, Cuneiform etc. The Usborne book is for modern Hebrew. It is very good because I can learn words more easily because I can see the meaning of the words visually instead of just words on a page. It is another way of learning. It would be good to have pages with different scenes like the Usborne book but with a wealth of Biblical Hebrew or Greek etc and with verbs illustrated in the scenes. Once you produce a book with all the pictures in it you can use it for all sorts of languages. There can be pages of pictures acting out the various verbs etc. Prepositions could be done the same way. There could be very rich scenes with lots of Biblical Hebrew or Greek names to the pictures or actions being illustated. It could be a fun way of learning vocabulary. I think that it would be a far more efficient way of learning than just remembering words. Also, because it is more relaxing I would spend more time doing it because it would take longer to get a headache from learning it. It is taking me forever to learn vocabulary so this is extremely important to me.

Maybe you could develop it even further and have videos or even cartoons that show the meaning of Biblical Hebrew & Greek words. Songs would also be good.

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