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Docx files for personal book: Verbum 9 part 1Verbum 9 part 2How to use the Verbum Lectionary and MissalVerbum 8 tips 1-30Verbum 8 tips 31-49

Please be generous with your additional details, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback. This is being built in a .docx file for a PBB which will be shared periodically.

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Faithlife assistant

From Verbum Help:

Faithlife Assistant

Type or speak questions asking this conversational AI bot to find information about the Bible, theological topics, or how to use Logos.

Faithlife Assistant uses natural language to perform searches within Verbum. Enter (or speak if the microphone is enabled) a question to find information about people, places, and themes in the Bible, theological topics, or how to use Logos. Open Faithlife Assistant by clicking Tools > Utilities > Faithlife Assistant, or by pressing Ctrl+Space (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+D (Windows). Submitting a query with Ctrl+Enter will force an audio response. Pressing Cmd+Esc (Mac) or Ctrl+Esc (Windows) will clear the history.

Here are some examples of questions users can ask Faithlife Assistant:

•     Who is Jesus?

•     Tell me about grace

•     Read John 15:1–17

•     Open a Bible Word Study on love

•     I need a verse about patience

•     How do I export my sermon?[1]


See: Faithlife Assistant – Verbum Support

See: Activity - Faithlife Assistant - Faithlife

From the Logos wiki (not updated for 3 years):

Faithlife Assistant Commands

  • Calendar Based Tasks
  • General Navigation
  • Help
  • Bible Navigation
  • Resource Navigation
  • Narration
  • Search
  • Definition & Lookup
  • Documents
  • Guides
  • Tools
  • Bible Browser
  • Trivia
  • Settings
  • Account & Orders
  • Diagnostic & Maintenance

He is risen!
Christ is risen!

Calendar Based Tasks

What is today?
What is today’s date?
today‘s verse
What is tomorrow‘s verse of the day?
What was yesterday’s verse?
What was yesterday‘s verse of the day?
What was the verse last June 11
What was the verse of the day last Friday?
Open today‘s lectionary
Today‘s lectionary reading.
Open today‘s devotional reading
Open today‘s devotions
Show me today‘s devotional reading.
Do today’s devotional
Do my devotions

General Navigation

Show Home
Show the home screen
Take me home.
Clear screen
Close all panes
Update active layout


Where is the help menu?
Where’s the help menu?
Show help menu
I need a hand
I need you
What else can I say?
What else can you do?
What else do you understand?
Thank you

Bible Navigation

1st John 3.3
Jeremiah 29 verse 11
Look up first Peter chapter 2 verses 5 and 6 in the New King James
Quote Obadiah
Go to Mark.
Go to John 3.
Go back one chapter
Go back six chapters
Back up 10 chapters
Skip two chapters backwards
John 3 in the NIV
Open SBLGNT to John 1:1.
Open the Message to first kings
Open my Bible
Open the Bible.
Open Bible to Luke 10:25.
Open the gospel of John
Open to Ephesians

Resource Navigation

Open Desiring God.
Open the moral foundations of life
Open my Greek New Testament.
Open resource Life of Our Lord by Andrews
Open the resource named Desiring God.
commentary on the deuterocanon
Open a Greek lexicon.
Open something


Read Philemon
Read me a Bible story
Tell another Bible story
Continue reading
Continue reading aloud
Pause reading
Pause reading aloud
Pause the reading
Pause the reading aloud
Stop reading
Stop reading aloud
Listen to Matthew 1
Read the book of third john
Skip two chapters backwards and read
Listen to Matthew 1
Listen to Unseen Realm.


Prepare a sermon about debt
Prepare a sermon on John 1.
Start a sermon about Ezekiel 22
Start a sermon on Galatians two twenty
Start a sermon on Jonah 2
Prepare a sermon
Start a sermon
Create clippings
Create a new bibliography


Passage Guide on John 1.
Topic Guide
Topic Guide on justification
Word study on love
Run a Passage Guide on John 1.
Open deep dive original languages guide
Open a test interlinears guide on the word joy
Open a topical fruit guide on idolatry


Run a search for Shishak
Search BDB for left dislocation
Find all the Greek imperative verbs in Ephesians
Show Basic Search.
Show media search panel
I need a verse about faith
Search ESV Bible for love burden years
Search Exodus 20 through 24 for name
Search esv for love
Search faith in the Bible
Search the ESV for love
Search the gospels for sign glory

Definition & Lookup

Amarna letters define
clothing definition
In Genesis chapter one, what does firmament mean?
Meaning of appropriation
Tell me about Bethlehem
Tell me about Paul.
Where are the Golan heights?
Who is Jesus?
Who is Pope?
Greek for “righteousness
Greek word for love.


Compare John 3:16 in my Greek Bibles.
Open text comparison to 1st John 1:8
How do you pronounce Adam?
Pronounce Qoheleth
Open the Courses tool.
Show Timeline.
Copy Exodus 20 one through 21 in quotation format
Copy John 1:1-4 in the ESV.
Open the atlas to Jericho
Show a map of Barak and Deborah rout Siseras army
Show me a map of Jerusalem.
Show me a map of Paul’s second missionary journey.
Show me photos of Jerusalem
Show me images of a tomb.

Bible Browser

Browse pericopes in an intertextual citation
Browse pericopes in the book of Luke
Browse pericopes in Genesis
Browse pericopes where Edomites speak
Browse pericopes where the figurative language source is person
Browse verses in Romans
Browse verses on the topic of foreign trade
Browse verses where the figurative language category is structural metaphor
Browse verses where the intertext relationship is echo
Browse Bible pericopes having an intertext relationship of allusion
Browse Bible pericopes in Genesis
Browse Bible pericopes in the book of Luke
Browse Bible pericopes where the figurative language source is person
Browse Bible pericopes where the figurative language target is authority
Browse Bible in Romans
Browse Bible including a miracle of provision
Browse Bible where the figurative language category is structural metaphor
Browse Bible where the figurative language source is the law
Browse Bible where the figurative language target is the message that Jesus is the Christ
Browse Bible where the figurative language type is to hear as to learn
Browse Bible where the intertext relationship is echo


Show me something cool
That’s great. Do you have any surprises for me?
Teach me to pray.
Teach us to pray
Quote the Apostles Creed
Recite the Apostles Creed
Tell me the apostles creed
What does the Apostles Creed say
What are the fruits of the spirit according to the NIV?
What did God make on the fourth day of creation according to the King James version?
What did God make on the fourth day of creation?
How big was the giant that David fought?
How tall was Goliath?
How tall was the Philistine that David killed?
How many beatitudes are there?
How many beatitudes did Jesus preach in his sermon on the mount?
God struck Egypt with how many plagues?
With how many plagues did God afflict the Egyptians?
Who lived the longest?
Who was Methuselah?
Who was the oldest man to ever live?
Who was the oldest person in the Bible?
According to the Bible, which king had the most wives?
How many princesses did Solomon marry?
List the twelve tribes.
What are the tribes of Israel?
What were the 12 tribes of Israel?
Who were the 12 tribes of Israel?
List the plagues of Egypt
What plagues did God do in Egypt?


Set update channel to beta
Set update channel to default
turn ngen mode off
Don’t hyperlink copied citations
Disable visual bookmarks
disconnect from the internet
hide information tips
enable visual bookmarks mode
Set start sound to true
Set citation format to APA Style
Set Copy Footnotes as to Auto
Set Default Resource Font to Default
Set font to Default Sans Serif
Set Default Font Size to 100%
Set Fontsize to 100%
Set Default Font Size to default
Set Fontsize to default
Set Greek Font to Default
Set Greek to Arial Unicode MS
Set gf to Palatino Linotype
Set Greek Transliteration Format to SBL Greek
Set greek format to Spanish
Set Hebrew Font to Ezra SIL
Set Hebrew to Ezra SIL SR
Set hf to SBL Hebrew
Set Hebrew Transliteration Format to Scientific
Set hebrewformat to SBL General With Glottal Stops
Set Language to Afrikaans
Set Line Spacing to Tight
Set Program Scaling to 100%
Set dpi to 100%
Set program scaling to 150
Set scaling to 100%
Set Program Scaling to default
Set dpi to default
Set scaling to default
Set Resource Panel Background to White
Set Send Feedback to All
Set statistics to Anonymous
Set At Startup Open to to Home
Set Syriac Font to Estrangelo Antioch
Set Syriac to Estrangelo Midyat
Set sf to Estrangelo Nisibin
Set Syriac Transliteration Format to Hugoye
Set stf to ASCII
Set Text Selection to Character

Account & Orders

Who am I?
List all my pre-pub orders
List my pre-pub orders between $10 and $20 shipping in December
When does my next PrePub ship?

Diagnostic & Maintenance

Update my resources.
Update resources
Are there any updates?
Download updates
Sync now
Sync refresh
Sync repair
Rebuild index
Reindex all
Rebuild Bible index
Reindex bibles
Reindex resource by Gunton titled Christ and Creation
Delete Unlicensed Resources

Faithlife Assistant illustrates one weakness in the Verbum ecosystem. Here is a tool that can make navigating Verbum and its options much easier for new users. But the “old-timers” on the forums (think specifically me), never think to direct people to the Faithlife Assistant. Instead, we continue to point them to esoterica menus and command box entries. The result is that a tool with great potential basically stalls in its development and the move to make Verbum more user-friendly falls flat. Those of us who are comfortable with the command box, context menu, and keyboard shortcuts need to look beyond our personal needs and push features such as Faithlife Assistant forward.  It is in our best interests in the long run as it is the best interests for Logos to remain a contemporary application not a heritage app.


Ask FA for help, then to open the Bible as help suggested. FA responds OK and opens one’s preferred Bible to the requested passage.

One can do basic Bible searches without knowing any of the mechanics. FA replies that it is Performing Bible search for nnnn. It executes a Bible search against Top Bibles and displays the results in grid format.

One can ask about a topic such as grace. FA responds with a short definition and opens Factbook to the Preaching Theme selected as most closely matching the entered “grace” i.e. “God’s Grace.”


One can open a Passage Guide for a specific passage.

One can ask who Abraham was.  FA responds with the description in the Factbook heading and opens Factbook to the entry on the person Abraham.

What can ask where places are – well, almost. FA did not recognize Ur as a place, politely saying “Sorry, I don’t know “Ur”. Moab was treated as Abraham (above) was – a description from the Factbook heading and opening Factbook to the region Moab.


[1] Verbum Help (Bellingham, WA: Faithlife, 2018).

Orthodox Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev: "To be a theologian means to have experience of a personal encounter with God through prayer and worship."

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