SUGGESTION: Document labels for Daily Event and Lectionary for PB's

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jan 12 2021 8:41 PM

The Lectionary Reading Label is documented in Verbum Help but not the Daily Event Label. Both of these appear to be essential to the proper behavior of User supplied lectionaries and Saints sanctoral cycle. (Remember that L8 broke the Sanctoral cycle concept and replaced it with a saints calendar devotional.) Given the small variations by region, religious order, denominations, and the current implementation of the calendar/ordo, it is not reasonable to expect Faithlife to maintain all the desired lectionaries and sanctoral cycles. Rather Logos should provide the required pieces for users to meet the needs:

  • a Faithlife group (check)
  • a method for sharing (check) and
  • the information required for the .docx file and the labels for the lectionaries and sanctoral cycles to behave properly.

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