Verbum Tip 4bi: (Non)Facet: Mitzvoth (Commandments of the Law)

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(Non)Facet: Mitzvoth (Commandments of the Law)

Note some Jewish references such as Solomon, Norman. The a to Z of Judaism. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2009., use Mnnn as a datatype much as a Catholic uses CCCnnn. Here the convention of separating the positive Pnnn and negative Nnnn is followed





  • {Label Mitzvoth WHERE Applicable Today ~ true AND Classification ~ "Duties Toward Family" AND Command ~ "Be Fruitful and Multiply" AND Number ~ "P212" AND State ~ "Positive"}
  • Taken from the Bible reference:
    • Literary type
    • Biblical person
    • Biblical place
    • Biblical thing
    • Themes (or topics)

New data provided by the label

  • {Label Mitzvoth WHERE Applicable Today ~ nnnn
  • {Label Mitzvoth WHERE Classification ~ "nnnn"}
  • {Label Mitzvoth WHERE Command ~ "nnnn"}
  • {Label Mitzvoth WHERE Number ~ "nnnn"
  • {Label Mitzvoth WHERE State ~ "nnnn"}



Vocabulary cards


Bible Browser

Not implemented Please add Commandments of the Law to the Bible Browser | Faithlife Feedback

Faithlife Assistant

Not implemented


The interactive allows the filtering of the commandments of the law by the following facets with values within the facet presented in number or alphabetic order. Note that there is no find box for the facets.:

  • State
  • Category
  • Applicability
  • People
  • Places
  • Things
  • Themes
  • Literary types

Mouse-over the commandment title provides a popup showing detailed information including a summary of Judaica references. Clicking on the commandment title expands the command to show detailed information including active Judaica links.

Clicking on the details e.g. people, places, literary types, … moves that element into the facet selection list just as if you have clicked it in the left panel.  Biblical and Judaica reference show the standard preview and open resource behavior.

Information Tool

The information tool shows the expected information.

Context Menu

The Context Menu is unremarkable.


The Concordance shows less information than the interactive.


Using the Search built by the Context Menu -- {Label Mitzvoth WHERE Applicable Today ~ true AND Classification ~ "Duties Toward Family" AND Command ~ "Be Fruitful and Multiply" AND Number ~ "P212" AND State ~ "Positive"} -- will find only the one commandment – but it will find it in all Bibles not limited by a need for a reverse interlinear.


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