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Label: Journal article

This label is used to create the Journals section available as an independent Guide and in:

  • Bible Reference Guides
  • Topic Guides
  • Sermon Theme Guides




From Verbum Help

Journal Article

Labels a single article in a journal resource. A search for this label populates the "Journals" guide section.

•   Title ~ "..." — The title of the article

•   Author ~ "..." — List of article writers’ names

•   Topics ~ <Topic ...> — List of topic data type references associated with the article

•   References ~ <...> — List of other associated data type references (mostly <Bible ...>)

•   Date ~ <Date ...> — Date data type reference specifying publication data of the article

•   Editor ~ "..." — List of article editors’ names

For example:

•   {Label Journal Article WHERE References ~ <Bible Romans 5> AND Topics ~ <Topic Justification>}

•   {Label Journal Article WHERE Author ~ "F. F. Bruce" AND Date ~ <Date 1980>}[1]


  • {Label Journal Article WHERE Date ~ <Date 1832> AND Title ~ "Review of Rites and Worship of the Early Christian Church" AND Topics ~ <Topic Christian Life> AND Topics ~ <Topic Early Christian Worship>}

New data in label

  • {Label Journal Article WHERE Title ~ "nnnn"
  • {Label Journal Article Where Author ~ “nnnn” iff no biography record exists for the author
  • {Label Journal Article Where Editor ~ “nnnn” iff no biography record exists for the editor

Context Menu and Information Tool

The Context Menu offers the basic options. Both the Context Menu and the Information too provide a list of all the attribute values.

Journals Guide with its Searches

For Bible reference

The Journals Guide for a Bible reference shows journal entries on this device. Only the first few articles are returned.

The guide gives the option to find all the articles in a particular journal:

It also provides the option to search all journals.

For topic

Similarly, one can run the Journals Guide on a topic.

Because only the top few results are shown, one has the option to run the complete search on a particular journal.

For the same reason, one can run a complete search on all journals, initiating the search from the Guide.

For preaching theme

Similar options exist for running the Journal Guide on a Preaching Theme:

Search a single journal.

Search all journals.

The most common searches in real life add simple text arguments to narrow result to the precise concept you are researching.

[1] Verbum Help (Bellingham, WA: Faithlife, 2018).

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