Verbum 9 Tip 6a: Bible resource panel data and resources

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Docx files for personal book: Verbum 9 part 1Verbum 9 part 2Verbum 9 part 3How to use the Verbum Lectionary and MissalVerbum 8 tips 1-30Verbum 8 tips 31-49

Reading lists: Catholic Bible Interpretation

Please be generous with your additional details, corrections, suggestions, and other feedback. This is being built in a .docx file for a PBB which will be shared periodically.

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Verbum 9 Tip 6: Bible resource panel data and resources


  • Open NABRE (but leave NRSV as the preferred Bible)
  • Open Panel Menu and set “Show footnotes on page” on and set display columns to 1.
  • Set Factbook Visual Filter on
  • Open the Information Panel by typing “Show Information” in the Command Box
  • Open Cited By by typing “Show Cited By” in the Command Box
  • Open Power Lookup by typing “Show Power Lookup” in the Command Box

Data accessed by text

Data in footnotes

Footnotes can be displayed in the panel text only if one is in page mode rather than scrolling mode:

This causes the footnotes to be displayed at the bottom of the page:

Within the footnote, the links are active:

  • The link is shown in the gutter line in the lower left
  • On mouse-over one sees a preview – note that the preview is in the highest priority Bible (NRSV) not the NABRE, the Bible currently in use.
  • On click, the resource (NRSV) is opened to the specified reference.
  • On drag-and-drop, the NRSV is opened to the specified reference in the pane of your choice.

If one is in scroll mode, the footnote does not show at the bottom of the panel but is visible through mouse-over.

A new feature is that a search for a Bible reference in a Bible search will now:

  • Display the contents of that reference in the preferred Bible section of the Bible search.
  • Will continue to not display a reference in the main Bible search results.

Data in cross-references

In the NABRE an * indicates a footnote while a superscript letter indicates a cross-reference. On mouse-over the cross-reference is shown.

If one clicks on the popup, it will persist as links which behave as expected to mouse-over, click, drag-and-drop, etc.

A Bible search on a Bible references gives more complex results:

  • The Bible reference is given in the Preferred Bible section.
  • Cross-references intersecting the Bible reference are selected and shown in the Bible version in which they are found (not the preferred Bible as we saw in the Bible text).

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