Why is it every time I open Index starts at 0%?

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Randall Lind | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Mar 7 2021 8:13 AM

I have an icore 5-2410m and your software hates my computer. When I open it none responsive for a bit. Then it loads, What makes me a tad mad it seems to restart indexing. I was at 98% does it really need to start over and over every time I just want to read my bible? You need to make it index once then maybe do light index if I buy new books or with the free monthly books.

I am thankful you have a web version I can use cause I am starting to hate the software version for windows. I am not rich but I believe back when I brought it was around $800 or so Logos 7 standard which I think is bronze now. The software programmers need to make this work better on low end devices. Not all can afford icore 9's or whatever is the latest.

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 7 2021 9:07 AM

Hi Randall.

The experience that you are having does seem atypical and I would have thought that your computer should be adequate for the job.

If you would like to explore a solution or fix, please double-check that you have the latest versions of your OS and of Logos and restart your computer.

Make sure that you do not close down your computer until such time as the indexing has run its full course.

Restart the computer.

If the problem persists then post logs in this thread using the paperclip icon on the toolbar. You can find instructions for posting logs at the link in my sign-off line. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How to get logs and post them. (now tagging post-apocalyptic fiction as current affairs)

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 7 2021 9:25 AM

Randall Lind:
I was at 98% does it really need to start over and over every time I just want to read my bible?

Curious if Indexing is being allowed to complete ?

If Indexing icon disappears, then next opening has lots of indexing, suspect Indexer is crashing so humanly would like to look at => Diagnostic Logging

For space reduction (so have less to index), an option is removing downloaded resource(s) from device => https://community.logos.com/forums/p/177000/1149525.aspx#1149525

Randall Lind:
I have an icore 5-2410m and your software hates my computer.

Curious about computer storage ? Second generation i5 (i5-2410m) was released a decade ago (February 2011) when most laptops had spinning hard drives so Solid State Disk (SSD) upgrade improves responsiveness for laptop operating system & all applications (plus if upgrade to a newer computer later, SSD could become an external backup device).

Logos Help Center (LHC) support articles include:

  • Recommended Hardware and Software Logos is a very large application, so meeting or exceeding the recommended requirements will drastically improve performance. If you want the best possible performance, think of these as a starting point.
    • 8th generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (or AMD equivalent)
    • 16GB of RAM
    • 512GB NVMe SSD
    • 60GB Free space -- internal SSD

FWIW: fast SSD noticeably improves Logos/Verbum desktop application responsiveness along with SSD prices having dropped significantly: e.g. searching Amazon for internal sata iii ssd includes PNY 500GB SSD for $ 52.99 and SanDisk 1TB SSD for $ 102.99

Keep Smiling Smile

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Randall Lind | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 7 2021 10:10 AM

This Dell laptop could use a SSD. I would have to pay a tech to do. The engineers at Dell deisgn this laptop where you have to tear it apart and flip the motherboard over to replace the hard drive. I am scared to do that I do fix computers but too much for me. Good news seems like indexing is over and my software is working now. Someone gave me a Dell Opiex with a icore 5-4570 fastest PC I have right now I need to get a SSD for that also, Maybe I will try Logos on that. Thanks for the help. All my books download is like 2,3GB.

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