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Bruce Hurt | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 24 2021 8:04 AM

Question - This may have been addressed, but I cannot find it. Is Logos planning to insert hyperlinks in the definitions in the Complete Biblical Library lexicons? If so, this will make this one of the more powerful word study tools currently available. Why? Because there are "Resource Tools" at the end of each lexicon entry which specify the location of the Greek or Hebrew word in other respected resources. For example, at the bottom of the discussion of AGAPAO the resource tools are listed below and would be just a click away if they were activated (I checked BDAG, Moulton-Milligan, Kittel, L-S and Colin Brown's [NIDNTT] using the entries below and retrieved the entry for "Love" in every resource! It would be great to be able to accomplish this with a single click!)...

  • Strong G25
  • Bauer 4-5
  • Moulton-Milligan 1-2
  • Kittel 1:21-55
  • Liddell-Scott 6
  • Colin Brown 2:538-51

Thank you. 

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Kyle G. Anderson | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 24 2021 9:57 AM

Yes. That is the plan. They're being worked on right now.

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Bruce Hurt | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 24 2021 1:23 PM

Hallelujah! Amen!

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