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Mark | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 6 2021 6:32 AM

I also never use the home page.  What could make me change my mind:

1. When I click on one of the dashboard devotional, I it would open in a quick pop up for me to read....(at the moment, a click means waiting for the resource to open not on the homepage, but on my layout page.  This is slow...and not what I want on my layout page.  Or it may open to a new layout page...also slow and not what I want to see)

2. The ability to add my favorite resources which would open up in quick pop up for me to read...

3. Both #1 and #2 can be accomplished for me via favorites on my layout page and thus is not super important to me on the homepage

4. Much more control over the tiles to do whatever I want with the homepage, including taking notes.

As it stands now, the homepage is virtually useless (not completely.  I like the excerpts from my library the most).  So I just check the homepage once in a blue moon.

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Batman | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 7 2021 8:06 PM

Correct on all points

DIsciple II:


Thanks to you all, the problem seems to have been solved. 

My Logos Messages were ticked on. That accounted for almost all. I turned on Logos Academic Blog, and got more, so, had to zap that again. 
At any rate, thanks everyone. All is not lost, and it's as it should be: Ads off for me, and on for those of you who want them on. 

Glad this is resolved for you know. i hope FL learn from this posh they need to:

1.They need clearer wording in their settings names - ‘My Logos Message’ - what the heck is that supposed to mean? It seems to advertising by stealth in truth.

2. They need to have an option to have an educational only blog feed and not include advertising by stealth in those posts.

3. Ensure / confirm that user settings are respected with every update they do

4. Get Graham Criddle to train other forum MVP’s on how to respond to frustrated user. He is an absolute gentleman who knows how to look beyond the emotion to the heart of the issue and rarely, if ever, brings his own personal feelings or thoughts down in judgement of the person he is genuinely trying to help. If there were more MVP’s who responded like this situations would be defused much sooner rather than them blowing up because MVP’s think FL need them to be their white knights in shining armour.

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Batman | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 7 2021 8:44 PM

I have been frustrated beyond frustration with Logos since L3. 
I feel as close to lied to as possible, without lying. A Bill Clinton type of misdirection, shall we call it, so as to in one's own mind can honestly state, "I never lied". 
I find the barrage of marketing, and often times "Oops we made a mistake" and when called out on it, they correct it (good thing) and apologetic (good thing), yet, other companies would be slammed for deceitful advertising. The fact they did correct them is good; but, as frequently as they were, was it really accidental? I want to think positively, that it was "bad wording", "goofs" etc. BUT, as many and as often as they were occurring, one eventually wonders.
I do NOT begrudge anyone from being wealthy. Even a pastor. Or people who work in this industry. I'm NOT a "how can you charge so much for something that belongs to God?" type of person. But, at the same time, the type of marketing that FL has enacted and how it has gone crazy and is getting worse and worse, yes, I do see a HUGE problem here. Again, make money? Fine. But, you want to talk about bullying, I find this type of advertising and marketing to be bullying. And to hide behind God and "We're a business" as an excuse is not excusable. I'm just waiting for the day the website starts having 100 pop-ups each page. 
Out of frustration, time and time again, I have posted. When I cannot even find a "Fuzzy Search" verse with my close to TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR Bible program, but can find it in less than one second on Google, YES! That is extremely frustrating! Particularly when you are told "I have not heard about a Logos 4" and not even two years later, we are being sold L5! YES, I find this despicable. And to find out that they were working on L6 while L3 was still being sold, YES! I not only feel as close to lying without crossing over that line to actually call it "lying" how would ANY rational or, if you want to call me irrational, person react? 
Now, for the kicker: I cannot even use this to 1% of it's potential! There are two reasons I keep pouring more and more money into this product and company: 
1. I HOPE beyond all hope to get excited about the software to actually get excited to learn how to use the program, to at least 50% of it's potential. I'm paying John Fallahee $15/mo to learn this. while I have tons of respect for him, and his heart as a teacher, it's STILL more money going out, and I am STILL not excited to learn the software. And, even though Mr. Proctor is "more professional" in his presentation, I just don't care for his "too slick" approach. It reminds me of a used car salesman. Or, slick politician. 
2. I'm just plain stupid. Einstein I believe it was who defined insanity as "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results". So, yeah, I'm just plain stupid. 

As far as bullying, no. Desperate to try and get over this hurdle, yes. 
You are entitled to your opinion. 
But, until you take two steps in the journey of my life, you have absolutely no clue. I'd love to see you deal with the whole frustration I have been through with this, for TEN years, and not be angry, hostile, and frustrated! Again, stupid. 


DIsciple II:
Scooter if you or anyone else responds to people with respect then I won't have need to call yours or anyone else's comments out, but you choose to speak into this conversation in an unhelpful and rude manner and so I reflected back to you the way you spoke into this conversation. 

The OP has used this style of initiating comments on more than one occasion previously.  Here he called out Mr. P. with reference to the latter should be ashamed of himself + is greedy.

I see these comments as bully comments, + not a one-off, but habitual.  So, I called him on them.

Imagine comments such as these said in person, to your face in a loud, staccato manner akin to how they were written.  Those were bully comments from the OP.

I have noticed bullies use a Hegelian dialectic.  They do not like the current situation.  They put on a tactical, overly aggressive scene, frought with much drama.  Sure, they feel the pain of the situation, but their display is way over the top.  Feei some fear, people, + fix my problem.  Often the bully gets ''it'' fixed, or enough of the situation fixed to be happy.

I read OP's comments as [one in a series of] manipulations.  You read them as a cry for help......We differ, D2  Oh, well.

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Batman | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 7 2021 8:51 PM

And that is my point. some people actually find it very beneficial. Some people find it distracting, and as best, annoying. 
Unfortunately, updates/upgrades don't always preserve our preferences. IF it did, a big portion of my frustration would not be there. 
Now, to solve the other big frustration. That, unfortunately, is nothing anyone can do. Only God can bring back the excitement I once had for studying. 
But, I also said "Awesome!" when I read your post. 
Who'da thunk that one? lol


I do appreciate that when I'm doing research Logos proposes related resources and I've bought a few things that way. I would prefer the home page was actually organized and presented items in groups, and perhaps gave more in-depth theological pedigrees of the authors/presenters. 

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xnman | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, May 9 2021 12:48 PM



... I never use the Home Page. Never seen an ad. 


Same here but my cornbread is done in the middle!!!

xn = Christan  man=man -- Acts 11:26 "....and the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch".

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