Tip for Casual Reading in Logos 9

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JRS | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, May 27 2021 12:44 PM

I just thought I would drop in to share this tip for making your casual reading in Logos more enjoyable.

As you probably know, Logos can be a rather intense experience requiring constant interaction with the screen/program.  In other words, you are always having to click on this or that, slide the elevator bar up or down, tap the touch-pad, click here, tap there, touch the screen, spread your fingers to zoom in, pinch your fingers together to zoom out, etc., etc.  Oi!  This can really decrease the joy and relaxation of casual reading.

Well, here is a solution to obviate all of that interaction:  I do my casual reading on a Lenovo laptop/convertible and use an accessory pen to interact with the Logos screen.  By using the Lenovo Pen Settings app I can program the barrel buttons and the button at the top of the pen as shown below.  It is important to recognize that the pen tip/nib communicates with the laptop via a wireless connection whereas the button on the top of the pen communicates via Bluetooth - this isn't exclusive to Lenovo, other brands works this way, as well.

Once the pen is programmed, I assume a casual reading position on the couch or bed with the laptop balanced securely on my stomach.  Then, I bring the tip of the pen close enough to the screen that it "hovers" and click the top barrel button to start the Logos 9 program.  Once it is started, I can now lay my arm next to my body and page up or down by simply clicking (or double clicking) the top of the pen, as required.  Remember, because the top button communicates with the laptop via Bluetooth, "turning the page" merely requires that the pen has a good Bluetooth connection - iow, I do not need to raise the pen up to the screen, I can keep it and my arm comfortably at my side and "turn the page" with nearly zero exertion.  My other arm is now free to grab some Cheet-Ohs or my Coke as I read.

First world problems can be genuinely aggravating, but this is my recommended solution to this one.  All joking aside, this really does work.  Hope this helps.  Wink

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