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Nathan Parker | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jul 5 2021 5:51 PM

I would like it if Faithlife could eventually release one final update to WS12 that would allow the program to run without signing into a Wordsearch/Lifeway account, essentially allowing the program to be run in offline mode.

This way, once the Wordsearch/Lifeway server functionality is eventually broken in WS12, if one needed to run WS12 on a machine for some critical functionality (access to a book or feature that doesn't make the Logos transition), one could install the engine, restore WS12 from a local backup, and install their library from a local backup.

I have all the WS12 files backed up where I could easily recover WS12 from a local backup for years to come, provided that the day the Wordsearch/Lifeway server functionality switch off doesn't break the app. If there's a way to provide a final update allowing WS12 to be fully run in offline mode, that'd allow it to run decently for years to come for those needing legacy access.


Nathan Parker

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