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Bartlesville Media | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jul 21 2021 7:38 AM

About two months ago, proclaim just stopped working on our media computer. Upon launch it said that it required .NET Framework: 4.0.

I submitted a support ticket over three weeks ago and emailed a follow up two weeks ago. I have not received a response from the support team at all, only the automated receipt that the ticket was submitted.

I have scoured the forums and support sites about this issue. Thankfully I have found others that have had the same issue, unfortunately I have not found a solution. 

Here is what I have tried so far:

  • the .net repair tool
    • it did not find any issues
  • manually installing a .net 4.0 installation
    • did not work as I already had the latest version 
  • manually disabling as much of .net as possible and then running the installer
    • no change in behavior
  • uninstalling Proclaim and rebooting, removing the appdata files, and redoing all of the above steps before reinstalling Proclaim
    • no change
  • repeating the exact same steps above but with a reboot between each one
    • no change
  • holding ctrl when booting proclaim
    • no change
  • running as admin
    • no change
  • running in compatibility mode
    • no change

I have read a post where someone formatted their pc and started from scratch which did solve their issues. That is not an option for me unfortunately, the computer is on a domain and cannot be restored in the typical fashion.

I have been using my laptop to run the presentations from while waiting a response but it has been far too long and I will be heading out of town for a bit. We could really using a response so that the team at our church can use the software while I am gone.

Also, in an effort to have a totally clean install I even moved the existing logs out of their location to a backup location. Since proclaim does not get past the splash screen there are no logs in generated at this stage. As a side note, the support stage still says to go to the localappdata folder where proclaim is installed for logs and for temp logs. I think that is out of date information. 

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Brian Burkhart (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 21 2021 8:33 AM

Hello, Bartlesville Media --

I sincerely apologize for the lack of response.  That is not right.  I will be looking into why that has happened.

In the mean time, I'll email you directly to help get you back up and running ASAP!

Best regards,
Brian Burkhart -
Faithlife - Technical Support Representative, Church Products
Our Church Product support team is available from 6am-6pm (Pacific Time), seven days a week!

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Ian Carr | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jul 25 2021 7:18 AM


I am the one who posted that for bartlesville media and will be watching for that email. Thank you so much for getting back to me - I am travelling for a bit so won't see your email for a couple of weeks but will follow up when I return. 

Thank you again!!!

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Bartlesville Media | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Aug 9 2021 1:29 PM


I have returned from vacation but do not see an email from you or Faithlife, could you still assist with this?


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