I Need Help willing to pay for Personal Tutor Pompano Beach FL

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marcia murray | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jul 21 2021 6:58 PM

Need help with Logos 9 for Seminary Distance Class. The  Videos are not enough. 

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JT (alabama24) | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 21 2021 7:46 PM

Welcome Marcia. Smile

marcia murray:

Need help with Logos 9 for Seminary Distance Class. The  Videos are not enough. 

The forums are a good place to get help to questions you might have, although forum rules prevent solicitation. Do you have specific questions you would like answered? I think you will find many who would be willing to help. 

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John Fidel | Forum Activity | Replied: Yesterday 5:33 AM

Hi Marcia,

Try www.learnlogos.com

He used to offer personalized training. I do not know the cost and if he still offers it as it has been a while since I have been to his site.

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Doc B | Forum Activity | Replied: Yesterday 1:49 PM

Hi Marcia...welcome to the forums.

There's a lot of aftermarket training available.

If cost isn't a factor, Morris Proctor's site is likely the most comprehensive. It can be found here.

For the least expensive training that is still pretty solid, Danny Zacharias' Udemy course can be found here.

Somewhere in the middle is John Fallahee's training site. It is found here. (This is the same site John linked in the post above.)

I've used all three and recommend all three...it really comes down to how much detail/depth you want and how much you can spend.

My thanks to the various MVPs. Without them Logos would have died early. They were the only real help available.

Faithlife Corp. owes the MVPs free resources for life.

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