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Lance Lawton | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Oct 29 2021 8:17 PM

I'm not a geek, so please speak English Stick out tongue .

I'm building a site using a desktop WYSIWYG app (EverWeb). I've miraculously managed to get the Reftagger CSS code into the footer and behold it actually works. That's miraculous to start with. Wink

What I can't figure out is whether there's a way to customise the links as they display in the browser. It defaults to the standard blue underlined link format. If I really must live with that, then I can. But it isn't great with my site's colour, font or link styling. So the links kind of stick out in a way I'd rather they didn't.

Is there a way to set the link style and/or to get the links to respect the site defaults? Thanks.

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Hey Lance,

Miracles still happen! ;)

Reftagger is simply wrapping your bible references in an anchor (<a>) html tag. We don't place any special styling on it, as far as I know, so any styling your site sets for anchor tags should get applied to it.

For example, you could include this in your site's css to change the color to red, green when you hover your mouse over it, purple when pressed, and orange once its been clicked:

a {

color: red;


a:hover {

color: green;


a:active {

color: purple;


a:visited {

color: orange;


Here's a simple page that describes some of the usual ways to customize anchor tags: .

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