CEF Testing: Sermon Manager list refresh interrupts updates to Description box.

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Tim Hensler | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 25 2021 6:07 AM

Logos 9.10 Beta 2 (; Windows 11 (with 11th Generation i7 and Intel Iris Xe Graphics)

I selected three sermon documents in the Sermon Manager list so I could enter the same statement in the description text box for all three sermons. 

While I was typing, the Sermon Manger list refreshed and:

  • The three sermons were no longer selected
  • The information side bar was open, but all boxes were blank
  • I had to reselect the three sermons
  • When I selected the three sermons again the last couple of words I typed were not saved.
  • I had to continue typing from there to finish the statement.
  • It reset about every 10-12 seconds (my guess, I did not time it)
  • It took me 4 cycles of this reset in order to finish my short paragraph.

List refreshes should not change selections or interrupt updating information for the selected sermon(s).

I did not try updating other boxes, but I am sure the same thing would happen with them as it did with my updating the Description box.

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Austin Bush | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Nov 30 2021 8:35 AM

Thanks for reporting this, Tim.  I'm not personally able to reproduce this behavior but I have made note of this for our development team to look at.  I'm sorry for the current behavior you're experiencing, but we will try to get to the bottom of it quickly.

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Tim Hensler | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Nov 30 2021 9:11 AM

Thank you Austin.

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Philana R. Crouch | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 5 2022 3:34 PM

This has been fixed in 9.11 Beta 1.

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