Do we own the product, or now we access to this product ?

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danwdoo | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 2 2021 10:18 PM

It gets confusing because there is so much inconsistency. Here on the Christmas sale page we are apparently back to using owned (Which I still prefer).

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Kathleen Marie | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 3 2021 10:12 AM

This is how I process things, after losing EVERYTHING more than once. The Father owns everything. Our siblings that are bigger than us sometimes seem to control our access to the Fathers possessions, but only until he puts a stop to that.

The Father has an agenda for each of us. He is not going to allow the agendas of our siblings to override his agendas. Some of what we fret about doesn't matter to the Father or is actually interfering with his agendas for us.

We will lose access to resources of every kind. The Father's agendas seldom prioritize the hoarding of stuff. How much of our Logos libraries are really needed to further the Father's agendas? Some of us NEED the libraries that we feel like we OWN to stay on our current hamster wheel, but how much of all this stuff and all this running furthers the Father's agendas?

Because of past sales, I assumed something was going to be on sale at some point this year. It is not. At the same time, my nose is being rubbed into the reality of how fragile my access to my Logos library is.

Our libraries are a bunch of zeros and ones, and nothing more. At least if we lose them, we don't have a mess to clean up and no additional expenses. Anyone who loses a library to flood, smoke damage, insect/rodent damage, or moving has to actually work and pay for their loss.

The Father is in control. Not our siblings. Woe to any of the bigger ones that bully the little ones. Sometimes being little is the safest place to be. I have learned not to fear my lack of power and impact. My daddy doesn't like it when people bully me. I pray for him to hold back his punishments when they do, for fear of what will happen to them. I get no pleasure in seeing the bullies suffer, even if I am relieved to be free of them.

The Father is in control!

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