Suggestion: Historical Commentary on the Old Testament (HCOT)

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Joseph Turner | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jan 24 2022 4:35 AM

You can vote for this series to be added to Logos here.

This is a highly regarded series with several volumes completed.  It is also very expensive to find in paper in the US, so it would be a great series to have in Logos.  The publisher's page is here, with the Amazon search here

Five of the volumes are listed in Denver's OT annotated bibliography as follows:

Houtman, Cornelis. Exodus. Vol. 1 (1:1-7:13). and Exodus. Vol. 2 (7:14-19:25). HCOT. Kok Pharos, 1993 and 1996. Updating of classic historical critical approach to the book.

Mulder, Martin J. 1 Kings. Volume 1: 1 Kings 1-11. HCOT. Peeters, 1998. A remarkably detailed exegetical study of the Hebrew text, with sensitivity to versions and literary forms and sympathy to historical value.

Renkema, Johan. Lamentations. HCOT. Peeters, 1998. Detailed commentary on Hebrew text.

Spronk, Klaas. Nahum. HCOT. Kok Pharos, 1997. Exposition with careful attention to poetic and historical details.

*Wolters, Al. Zechariah. HCOT. Peeters, 2014. Extensively researched. A stellar volume in this series that looks at textual and literary matters.

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