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David Taylor Jr | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, May 11 2022 9:30 AM

Fill In, if I mark something a fill-in, why does it not automatically add that sentence to the handout? Also, why does something I mark for handout remove it from the text?

It seems like in the effort to put multiple things in sermon builder it actually is counter-productive.

I don't want to type the same thing out more than once in the same document. That just gets confusing and cumbersome. 

Am I missing something here?

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Austin Bush | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 12 2022 9:13 AM


The way it’s currently designed is that, in order to add content of any kind to the “Handout” or “Questions” views, the content must be selected and then manually added by clicking the button in the toolbar within Sermon Builder.  

The “Text” view just is designed to just show the content that eliminates the other three tabs (slides handout, questions) in order to reduce certain things that don’t necessarily want to be seen for the person presenting the content.  

Of course, when something gets added to the “Handout” or “Questions” views, that will also remain on the main “Edit” tab view, so if you are using that view, there wouldn’t be the need to type it out more than once.  

I’d be curious to learn more about your specific way of using Sermon Builder.  I’ll reach out to you via email to continue the conversation as it is always helpful to see exactly how users are hoping the software will work.  Having those kind of discussions can help shape our future development roadmap.

Posts 3541
David Taylor Jr | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 12 2022 12:53 PM

Hey Austin, more than happy to go into more detail. Look forward to your email.

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