Often distracting or unintelligible—Tim Keller Sermon Archive 2016-2017

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WR82 | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, May 28 2022 9:54 AM


I recently purchased this resource. I previously had the original set of Keller  sermons and one update. In earlier versions, the person transcribing the sermon apparently went back over their work and cleaned up any grammar mistakes. In this most recent version (2016-2017), I am often unable to understand the flow of thought, due to a lack of final editing. Things were maybe misheard, and then not cleaned up later. Spelling errors remain. This product is $27 USD. I really expected more out of this one. I am not sure if a different service was used, or what may have caused the quality to slip.

I’d like someone to take a look at this resource and clean up the continual grammar mistakes. I understand I can report typos. Respectfully, I don’t want to do that because I paid for it to be edited at the same standard as the other sermon archives. Thanks for considering this!


a few examples:

”Albert Camus, one of the episodes is called, The Myth of Sisyphus, which is one of Albert Camus’s books, and what’s funny about this is, with all the nastiness and all the brutality and all the darkness, there’s this one family, they’re called The Solver Sins, who are really decent people, and they don’t have rose-colored glasses on, they know how things are.”

“Love, me, what really makes your life meaningful? What really makes your life bearable? It’s love relationships. That’s what does it, and what does death do? Death strips you of that? First of all, death takes away eventually. At first, death takes away every important person in your life, and then eventually takes you away. So, let’s not be afraid of death. All it can do is strip you off of everything that makes life meaningful and bearable.”

“That’s the Word of God right from Hhis lips.”

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