Logos 4 Mac RC 3 Release Notes

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Tom Philpot (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Sep 15 2010 5:58 PM | Locked

Logos 4 Mac Release Candidate 3 Release Notes

The app should auto-update but you can always download the latest release from http://www.logos.com/logos4mac

RC 3 About Version is


  • Scroll bars should now appear if + or – resources groups contain more than 6 resources

File Menu

  • Documents should now be locatable by entering text into the finder bar in the File menu and pressing Enter.


  • Fixed a bug which did not allow Highlighting palette headers to expand when clicking in the blank space to the right of the palette name.


  • Clicking on a pronunciation icon when the information item is not fully visible will now play audio as well as scrolling the item into view.


  • Fixed a bug that did not allow shortcuts to be deleted
  • Fixed a bug which caused the tool bar to display incorrectly when dragged into another tab panel.
  • Fixed rendering of options in the Specifics panel of Syntax Search.
  • Syntax search results now display results from multiple bibles, instead of just the syntax database.
  • Known issue: Selecting additional versions requires closing and reopening the Syntax Search.
  • Known Issue: Selecting searches from Query History doesn’t work yet.

Tabbed Panels

  • Cmd-W (closing tabs) should now behave more predictably, closing all tabs in the active panel before closing tabs in other panels.
  • The active tab panel has a slightly darker shadow than non-active tab panels

Text Comparison

  • Fixed spurious display of Text Comparison resource picker popup window in some cases.

Mobile Development Team Lead

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