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Robert le Clus | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Dec 4 2010 9:42 AM

I am really getting irritated now. I have had three to four crashes (well actually the software just hangs) in just one day. In fact at least once today I have had to reboot my mac simply because Logos refused to close even with a forced quit. And I haven't even been putting the software through its paces. All I have been doing is the odd search and using the reverse interlinear. I have had two crashes in short order with nothing but a Information pane, one bible pane, the SGNT notes pane and one of my visual filters open. the filter simply highlights the various verb moods. And all I get is crash crash crash. I have purposefully stayed away from the Beta's because I want something stable. Fat chance it seems. I am just glad that I am not doing something important like preparing for a sermon, because if I was I would be in so much trouble. 

Come on people. Can we just get the stable branch to actually be stable. 

As a software developer myself I am sure that while I have one finger pointed at you there are 10 fingers pointing right back at me, but as a user who has invested a heck of a lot of money into Logos, I would really like to get my moneys worth. And all the books  in the world are utterly useless if every time you try to use them the software crashes. 

Here are my logs with some very nasty stack traces in them. This is not funny anymore. 


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Tom Philpot (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Dec 4 2010 12:53 PM


I did see a lot of errors in your Console Messages.log, but only a two of them are related to Logos. Of those I see, one appears to be Morph search related and the other appears to be with the Add New Tab feature.

I've filed bugs for both of them.

If you can give me some details about how you were using Morph search when it crashed, that would be very helpful. If you can repeatably crash the app, the steps which cause the crash would be most helpful.


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Robert le Clus | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Dec 4 2010 10:54 PM

Yes it seems I do get more errors in my log files since I bought a time capsule. 


Anyway. The new tab feature crash was probably caused when I clicked on one of my Bible tabs and then on the + to add a new Bible tab. I selected the ESV which was already open as I wanted to open a new copy of the ESV to a new place without losing the old place I already had. Crash.

For the morph search I did the following (tried to reproduce but failed) In Hebrews 13:8 in the ESV I right clicked on the word "same". I chose the first morphology line (there were two and I have no idea why)  and then clicked on the second morph search in the popup that included the greek word with the morph search. Once that had run I realised I wanted to search with the English word "same" to see if there was any other places where it is translated like that (this being a strange construction of a verb participle standing in place of a noun instead of acting as an adjective to an existing noun). So I clicked on Bible in the seach window that had opened for the original morph search. it changed the look of the query completely and my first thought was, "Will that actually run?" So I ran the query as is. I got the same results as before. Then I wondered if the query would change format back if I went back to the morph tab. It didn't. Then I ran the query again in the morph tab as is and that was when it crashed. Well actually all I got was the spinning beach ball and I had to kill the app. In fact that was the only type of crash I got yesterday. Spinning Beach balls all day. And since you only saw two crashes in the log it means the the other crashes were not even logging anything.

One of the other crashes was related to the Information pane. I had a Bible, one visual filter and the Info pane open, looking at Hebrews 13:8 and I have previously set up the Info pane to only load when I actually click something. So I was clicking around the verse, particularly the word for Obey and leaders and the info pane seemed to be loading and never stopping so I tried to close it and I got the spinning beach ball. 

One other crash seemed to happen when I was trying to use sympathetic highlighting on the ESV and  SGNT notes to quickly see which word I was looking at in the ESV. Started to work and then I had a crash. May have been related to what I was doing or may have been one of the other bugs (info pane etc) but that is what I was doing when it died.


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