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Aaron Young | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Dec 5 2010 3:44 PM

I am in the process of creating collections and I was wondering if there was an easy/quick way to tell if the commentary is exegetical, expository, or homiletical.  Obviously I can look at the description or even inside the resource itself but many times it is hard to tell.  When the resource and description are not clear what is a good way to tell the difference?



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Jerry M | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 5 2010 4:15 PM

Suggested Logos 4

Commentary Collections


Parallel Resources Sets


Below are four categories of commentaries:

·        Language focuses on the word meanings, grammar, syntax, etc. of the biblical text.

·        Scholar or Critical also emphasizes original languages as well as academic insights into the text.

·        Pastoral or Exegetical highlights the meaning of the text, provides contextual information, and often contains outlines of the passage.

·        Application or Devotional suggests practical applications of the text while also providing stories and illustrations.


The commentaries in each category will make an excellent collection and parallel resources set. As you view the lists please keep these observations in mind:


·        Some of the commentaries are included in Logos Bible Software 4 base collections while others must be purchased separately while still others are on Pre-Pub.

·        The placement of commentaries in a category is somewhat subjective so you may choose to organize the resources differently.

·        The listing of a commentary does not mean its contents are endorsed by Morris Proctor or Logos.

·        Tagging the commentaries in the Library is perhaps the most effective way of creating the collections and subsequent parallel resources sets.

·        Suggested commentary tags include:

o       Language: Language Commentaries

o       Scholar or Critical: Critical Commentaries

o       Pastoral or Exegetical: Exegetical Commentaries

o       Application or Devotional: Application Commentaries




  • Analytical Key to the Old Testament
  • Grammatical Analysis of the Greek NT
  • International Critical Commentary         
  • New International Greek Testament Commentary
  • Textual Commentary on Greek NT
  • United Bible Societies’ (UBS) Handbook
  • Word Pictures in the NT (Robertson)
  • Word Studies in the NT (Vincent)
  • Wuest Word Studies in the Greek NT

Scholar or Critical


  • Analytical Bible Expositor
  • Anchor Yale Bible Commentary
  • Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture
  • Ariel’s Bible Commentary
  • Baker Exegetical Commentary
  • Catena Aurea: Commentary on the Four Gospels (Thomas Aquinas)
  • Charles Hodge Commentary
  • Classic Commentaries on the Greek New Testament
  • Commentary on the OT (Keil & Delitzsch)
  • Critical and Exegetical Commentary
  • Eerdmans Critical Commentary
  • Form of the OT Literature
  • Greek Testament (Henry Alford)
  • Hermeneia
  • Horae Homileticae (Simeon)
  • JPS Bible and Torah Commentary
  • JPS Tanakh Commentary Collection
  • Lange’s Commentary on the Hole Scriptures
  • Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament
  • New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament
  • Pillar NT Commentary
  • Socio-Rhetorical Commentary Series 
  • Word Biblical Commentary


Pastoral or Exegetical


  • Augsburg Commentary
  • Baker New Testament Commentary
  • Barnes’ Notes on the Old and New Testament
  • Believer’s Church Bible Commentary  
  • Bible Lessons International Collection
  • Bible Speaks Today (Stott)
  • Black’s NT Commentary
  • Boice’s Expositional Commentaries
  • Calvin’s Commentaries
  • Clarke’s Commentary
  • College Press NIV Commentary
  • Collegeville Bible Commentary
  • Commentary on the Psalms (Hengstenberg)
  • Cornerstone Biblical Commentary
  • Crossway Classic Commentaries
  • Daily Study Bible Series
  • Eerdmans Wesleyan Bible Commentary
  • Epistle to the Romans (Moule)
  • Exegetical Summaries
  • Exposition of Ephesians (Lloyd-Jones)
  • Expositions of Holy Scripture (Alexander MacLaren)
  • Expositor’s Bible Commentary
  • Harper’s Bible Commentary
  • Holman NT Commentary
  • International Theological Commentary
  • Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Preaching and Teaching
  • IVP Bible Background Commentary
  • IVP New Testament Commentary
  • IVP Old Testament Commentary
  • John Darby’s Synopsis of the Book of the Bible
  • Lectionary Commentary
  • Luther’s Commentaries
  • MacArthur New Testament Commentary
  • Minor Prophets Exegetical Commentary
  • Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Commentary
  • New American Commentary
  • New Bible Commentary
  • New Testament for English Readers (Alford)
  • Numerical Bible
  • Old Testament Survey Series
  • Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary
  • Preaching the Word (Hughes)
  • Pulpit Commentary
  • Reading the New Testament Commentary
  • Romans (Barnhouse)
  • Roy Gingrich’s Commentaries in Outline Form
  • Seventh-Day Adventist Bible Commentary
  • Socio-Rhetorical Commentary Series
  • Synopsis of the Books of the Bible (Darby)
  • Treasury of David
  • Tyndale Commentaries
  • Tyndale Concise Bible Commentary
  • Wesley’s Notes
  • Wesleyan Bible Commentary
  • Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the New and Old Testament
  • Works of H.A. Ironside
  • Wycliffe Bible Commentary


Application or Devotional


  • AMG Concise Bible Commentary
  • Annotated Bible
  • Bible Exposition Commentary
  • Formations Commentary
  • Courson’s Application Commentary
  • Everyday Relevance: Your Bible Commentary
  • Exploring the Bible Commentary
  • Life Application Bible Commentary
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary
  • Opening Up Commentary
  • People’s Bible
  • Preacher’s Commentary
  • Roy Gingrich’s Commentaries in Outline Form
  • Standard Lesson Commentary
  • Standard Reference Library: Through-the-Bible-Commentary
  • Teacher’s Commentary
  • Thru the Bible (McGee)
  • Verse by Verse
  • Walk! Messianic Jewish Devotional Commentary
  • Warren Wiersbe’s Old Testament “Be” Series
  • With the Word Bible Commentary

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Alan | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 2 2012 11:28 AM

This is most helpful. Is there a similar list classifying commentaries into conservative/moderate/liberal ?

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 2 2012 11:48 AM

Forum MVP, Pastor Mark Barnes, has posted a list of commentary series and volumes with suggested tags for Technical, Intermediate, Expository, Historical, and Background:

Keep Smiling Smile

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