Why less women?

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jan 30 2012 5:19 PM

Super Tramp:

fyi: My wife and I are both happier to have our own Logos libraries. I recommend it if one spouse likes streamlined libraries.


Having separate Logos libraries also allows other settings and preferences (e.g. Top Bible) to be different.

Looking forward to be able to share highlighting and notes.

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Jackie Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jan 31 2012 5:42 AM

Good Morning!

Normally, I do not reply to posts, but this one caught my eye. Your question has lead to a great deal of debate. However, I am not sure if you actually received an answer to your question. I hope my reply helps you.

I came to know Logos a few years ago when I entered Bible School to obtain my credentials as a minister. I am part of a fellowship who values the role of the woman in ministry and understands the biblical basis for women in ministry that does not conflict with Scripture. (Please do not misunderstand, I am not attempting to open the women in ministry debate. This is a "rib" issue. As long as we can agree that God is first and foremost and He has saved us,that is all that matters to me.) The program was offered at an academic discount and since other programs did not seem to meet the needs of the program I was enrolled in, I ended up purchasing Logos. It is a decision I have not regreted. I have a strong love for reading, and while I do actually read books within the Logos platform, it is for its myriad of other features that I find Logos a valuable asset in my life. Each time I use my Logos software, I learn something new. And this one thing I know, the more I learn about Logos, the more I find to learn and keep me interested for years to come.

Saying that, IMHO, I do not think the core issue is male or female, whether or not someone is a reader, or any theological significance. People (male or female, greek or jew, etc...) will only use something if it holds value and purpose for them. If not, there is no use for that product or service.

For those of you out there (male or female) who are wondering if Logos is the right product for you, ask yourself what your needs are. Although Logos is great for basic Bible study, your study habits may or may not be enhanced by using Logos. It is up to the individual user to decide if a certain product is right for them. Also, IMHO, I am not sure that it is necessary if marketing to male vs. female demographics is necessary. If a potential user sees a value and use for a product, they will purchase it, take time to learn the features that are relevant to them, and actually use the product.

Also, do not let cost dissuade you. Yes, there are more budget friendly Bible software packages out there on the market. If you see value and a personal long term use for Logos (whether male or female), then do not fear making the investment. You will find that in the end it is worth it.

I hope my humble opinion helps to answer your question. I further hope that I have not offended anyone in the way I answered it.

In peace, love and the blessings of our Savior,

Jackie Smith



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