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Tes | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jan 7 2011 12:38 PM

Kaye Anderson:

Tes, I agree with you about extremity and I always appreciate your testimony.

To those who promised to pray for me in this, thank you!  I have found a church (less that three miles from my house!) where I already feel at home, with a pastor who seems to hold to the Word of God in his counseling and in expository preaching.  I've had tea with one of the members, attended a weekly prayer meeting and have a calendar full of chances to grow and to share my abilities with others.  I really appreciate anyone here who bowed a head or a knee to petition for my welfare.  I know it won't go unrewarded.


HI, Kaye, Praise the Lord , I am glad,that you have found a place ,where you have freedom to worship the Lord with brothers and sisters in the Lord.I really appreciate what you have mentioned,"with a pastor who seems to hold to the Word of God in his counseling and in expository preaching. "it is not only preaching in a pulpit, but the preacher is a pulpit himself as he lives according to the Word of God.preaching in life is hard ,yes we are not perfect,but people must see Jesus displayed in our life and all our activities ,.A preacher is a preacher who preaches not only in pulpit, but he must be willing as well to preach in his life and show those to whom he preaches that it is possible to live according what he has preached. Dear Kaye Praise the Lord ,Luke 19:5 reminds me that the Lord looks in to the heart and shows the right way.Thanks to the Lord who led you the right way through His Spirit .This is precious present for all of us.


Blessings in Christ.

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David Betts | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jan 10 2011 7:12 AM

Check out the Logos resource Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church. Because most of us have grown up with a Western mentality, much of Scripture seems obscured. Since the Covenant was broken, the result is that we are broken [into multitudes of fragments]. I urge all of us to check carefully Scripture with Scripture. The original "church" was in the wilderness, called out of Egypt. Yahshua our Messiah restored that broken covenant through His Blood, not by works or by genealogy, but by faith in Him. Many "denominations" are not built on The Foundation of Scripture, but upon a personality that use a group of favorite verses. Trying to understand "the church" by studying The Early Church Fathers leaves you very frustrated because they came later and are often very anti-Semitic.  Feel free to email me for clarification. shofarout   at   gmail   dot   com.

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