Thankful for the entire Logos community!

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Oran Denton | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jan 26 2011 11:15 PM

I've been using Logos for a couple of weeks now. And I have read several threads in various forums. The user base is mostly friendly, and always passionate. A few people have come and gone on to other applications, but for the most part the community is fairly loyal. Bob the CEO weighs in from time to time, and his honest and humble input kind of grows on me. It all really looks like a typical church family, with all of the normal difficulties of family life. The great thing is that the family lives on, albeit sometimes slightly dysfunctional. Nobody in his right mind should ever want to pastor a church...unless of course God called him to it. Bob, thanks for hanging in there. Being the CEO of Logos has its similarities to pastoring. The Logos-family is not perfect, but it is the family you were called to journey with. May we all have a better understanding of each other when we reach the other side and the effects of the Fall are a distant memory.

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Jack Caviness | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jan 27 2011 3:10 AM

Oran: That you for sharing. Geeked

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TCBlack | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jan 27 2011 5:45 AM

Oran Denton:
sometimes slightly dysfunctional.
<Insert self deprecating comment here with smiley>

As Rosie said: LIKE! Yes

Hmm Sarcasm is my love language. Obviously I love you. 

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Tom Philpot (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jan 27 2011 11:21 AM

Just "favorite"d this post! Thanks.


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mab | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jan 27 2011 2:15 PM

Well stated. It is a delight to use Logos by itself, but more so with everyone who cares about making it even better.

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