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Garfield Joseph | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Mar 13 2011 5:30 PM

what is the relationhip between verbs and participle.  For example, there is a section on highlighting these parts of speech in the biblical text with visual filter.  But I have no idea how to make sense of these parts of speech.  Can someone help at a very basic level?

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Kevin Becker | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 13 2011 5:58 PM

It's difficult to explain these concepts in a simple way...

Briefly the Greek Participle can function as Noun, Verb, Adverb, or Adjective. Telling the difference requires some skill in Greek. A simple highlight in a reverse interlinear or even a Greek New Testament won't tell you all that much it's how it s used in the sentence will let you know how its functioning.

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 13 2011 6:39 PM



A participle is a lexical item, derived from a verb, that has some of the characteristics and functions of both verbs and adjectives.


The adjectival form of the term participle is participial.

Examples (English)

In English, participles may be used as adjectives, and in nonfinite forms of verbs.


Here are some examples of participles:

  • 'He ate a boiled egg for breakfast.'
  • 'I like to see smiling faces.'
  • 'You are singing a good song.'
  • 'I have exercised.'
  • 'He has eaten dinner already.'
  • 'She got a bad sunburn while playing in the pool.'

The site is an ideal place to go for all things grammatical/linguistic.

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