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William Hatfield | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Mar 24 2011 10:03 AM

An idea I had:  

Logos should create a reference version of its libraries with mostly reference stuff that people need to reference from time to time and research stuff for lessons people need to teach.  You should tie it to a website like biblia.com and then they should market it to churches as a resource for their SS, ABF, small group teachers - where the church pays a yearly subscription but all these reference resources would be available online for their teachers to do research for their lessons - rather than having it in a church library nobody has time to run to.  Plus you tap into another market of people interested in learning and growing.

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Eric Apjoke | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jun 30 2011 10:17 AM

I just recently had the same idea.  I was in our church's library the other day an noticed how little there was in the way of reference material.  Initially, I had wondered about simply setting up a new Logos account that was accessible from a single computer, and creating a small budget for buying good reference material as required.  But I like this idea better.  I was thinking that there might be a way to have an account administrator, who can create multiple "user" accounts to have access to additional books purchased by the church's account.  Everyone in the congregation could log in to the "free" service (which is essentially a free Biblia account), but registered church users could access the church's additional content.  That way, the church could purchase the additional references to fill out their own online library.

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