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Bob Schaefer | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Mar 28 2011 8:05 AM

I love the daily devotion feature of Logos. I'm not so excited by the limited selection of daily resources that work with it. I'd especially like to see devotional resources from Logos that draw on the writings of the Church Fathers and the Reformers. Here are a few examples that I've either used and enjoyed, or that sounded interesting and different from what's currently available for Logos:

Devotional books are very personal things - what feeds one person's soul leaves another one cold. I think Logos would benefit from having as large a selection of devotionals as possible, so that the chances are good that every user can find a resource that will meet his or her needs.

Another way to enhance the devotional feature would be to give it RSS capabilities. Users who aren't able to find a devotional book within Logos that stirs them could tap into one of the countless daily devotion feeds available on the Internet, bringing into the Logos environment for study. The software is smart enough to create most Bible links on the fly, which would be sufficient integration for devotional use. I understand that RSS feeds aren't under Logos control, and wouldn't provide any revenue to Logos - maybe a fair trade would be to make the ability to subscribe to RSS devotional feeds an add-on feature? That way Logos wouldn't be giving away the farm, and the material available within Logos for devotions would expand tremendously.

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