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Dan Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Jun 19 2011 9:07 PM

I noticed in the getting to know section of the forum the large number of users listing themselves being a user under a year and often under 6 months. I am happy for them finding Logos and it's rich resources but want to also let them as well as other users who may have missed it information on the New Interpreter's Bible. This is one of the best all around sets you can find. I am not saying there are no week points but they are few. Numerous scholars of all backgrounds (Roman Catholic, evangelicals, mainline protestants and even some Jewish scholars) provide solid information, and insightful reflections.


Here is some a couple of snips from the reflections that touched me on studying Psalm 146.

God’s help does not mean a carefree existence for the righteous. In other words, by characterizing “the righteous” as being oppressed and hungry and imprisoned and so on, Psalm 146 conveys the eschatological perspective of the psalter: God’s reign is proclaimed amid circumstances that seem to deny it. --J. CLINTON McCANN, JR., New Interpreter's Bible Vol. IV


To trust in “princes” and “mortals” is a perennial and pervasive temptation, especially in a thoroughly secularized society like ours. Human help seems so compelling and immediate and effective. Self-help schemes abound, and the credo of our culture has virtually become, “God helps those who help themselves”. Such a credo, however, results inevitably not in praise of God but in self-congratulation. --J. CLINTON McCANN, JR., New Interpreter's Bible Vol. IV

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