technical Q. on Eze 34v16 - destroy?(MT) or restrain (LXX)? sj-m-d or sj-m-r?

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ton verdam | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Jul 17 2011 4:11 PM

Can someone give me a final clue, as different commentators give different views (NICOT/WBC/TOTC)?

Pls include context untill verses 18 and 22 included. Or is it about 3 groups?

1 bad shepherds

2 poor and lean sheep

3 rich and fat sheep

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jul 17 2011 5:40 PM

When commentators don't agree, it is usually because there is no definitive answer. Your best chance to get a solid answer is to look at any clause visualizations that you have. They usually show why there is no certain answer.

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DMB | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jul 17 2011 6:21 PM
I assume you read the TLOT entry, especially para 4.

"God will save his fallen angels and their broken wings He'll mend."

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jul 18 2011 6:39 PM

I can only quote these commentaries

He would bring them to their own land, place them on the mountains of Israel, tend the flock in good pasture so that they could lie down in safety, search out the lost and the strayed of the flock, bind up the injured, and destroy the strong who oppose the flock.

Cooper, L. E. (2001). Vol. 17: Ezekiel (electronic ed.). Logos Library System; The New American Commentary (301). Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers.

16       The LXX, Syriac, and Vulgate read אֱשְׁמֹר (ʾešmōr, “I will guard, watch over”) over against the MT’s אַשְׁמִיד (ʾašmǐḏ, “I will destroy”). Contextually the Lord’s aid to the helpless is being contrasted with his judgment of the strong who have oppressed his sheep. Therefore the MT reading should be retained.

Alexander, R. H. (1986). Ezekiel. In F. E. Gaebelein (Ed.), The Expositor's Bible Commentary, Volume 6: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel (F. E. Gaebelein, Ed.) (915). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House.


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