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David Sawyer | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Aug 31 2011 2:08 PM

Some of the books (and my sermons) I've been trying to compile into PBs needed a slightly quicker way for me to get the Bible Verse Milestones working. Often for instance I would have Genesis 1:2-3, written in my notes; which I wanted to transform to:

[[@Bible: Gen 1:2-3]] Genesis 1:2-3.

Finally, After much googling I've manage to cobble together two macros that seem to work well, and have attached them as a text file.

The first of the attached macros (Bible_Milestones) takes any highlighted text and adds it into the correct terminology (almost) and format for Logos.  I have used a format called "PB Link Style" which you will need to have present to get it to work, or you could change this in the macro to be "Normal" (or something else).  So for instance if you highlight Genesis 1:2-3 and run the macro you get '[[@Bible: Genesis 1:2-3]] Genesis 1:2-3' in word.  Any formatting is stripped from the milestone, but left in the original text.

Next, we need to change Genesis to Gen, as the milestone does not work with full names, unless you work solely within Philemon Stick out tongue  Therefore, run the second macro (FaRBibleVerses) which goes through the document and replaces any milestones with full book names to their shortened versions.  You could add more definitions to this macro if required.  It is best to only run this once you've added all your milestones to save time, but you can run it multiple times, it is quite quick.

Also attached is an excel sheet I used to knock up the list of names to find and replace, which you might find useful if you are going to add in lots more, or if you want to do a similar thing in a different language.

I wrote this on my Mac Word 2011, and have tested a non-final version of the macro at work on a PC, so this final one should also work.

I hope it is of use to some of you, it is certainly saving me time!

7713.Find And Replace.xls


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Robert M. Warren | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 31 2011 2:48 PM

David Sawyer:
the milestone does not work with full names

Hi David.

Thanks for your work!  FYI, It has been my experience that milestones do work with full book names. I've been converting some PDFs of Calvin's commentaries and so far they've all worked with the full names.

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David Sawyer | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 31 2011 2:55 PM

Strange... It didn't for me.  Unless there was something else wrong with my formatting at that point maybe?  Oh well, thankfully that part of the macro did not take long to do!

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