Suggestion: use xlsx to create PBB for interlinear

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Sep 9 2011 10:55 PM

I want to create a Chinese interlinear and reverse Chinese interlinear and I have one of it in xlsx file. The concept is simple: first few columns indicate the Bible references, then a column for the surface text which is the first row in the interlinear, the next column corresponds to the second row in the interlinear, etc.


Background: a brother developed a Chinese interlinear and reverse interlinear in xlsx, and hired a programmer to create a program to display that. Obviously it costs a lot (to produce a functional software but not a view only), and this brother spent most of his money to hire this programmer but at the end this programmer (which is a Jews) quit for another job that has a higher salary. Obviously Logos should be the best platform for that, as he is intended to distribute it freely (I think one can install the Logos for free, and only the books inside counts, right?).

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DominicM | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Sep 10 2011 12:21 AM

you could try exporting it to a web page(html), then open the html file with Word and Save as a DocX, you would need to add the tags, and would be tabular in appearance but maybe better than nothing

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David Sawyer | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Sep 10 2011 3:14 AM

I expect you should be able to do something with the file you have.  Attached is an excel sheet that I use which takes a commentary (copied from logos) then adds a few search things.  In word I then type in my own commentary .4061.Commentary - Line by Line.xlsx

Anyway, the key part of the file is 'column P'.  This has the text/code that will be pasted into word to make the Personal Book.  If you just copy it and paste it hen you get the text formatted as a table which is not great.  Better is to 'Paste Special' and choose unformatted Text which leaves you with just the text and each row as a new line/paragraph.

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Sep 10 2011 3:26 AM

Thanks. That's quite complicated but I will learn how to do it. But I think the current PBB will be quite limited to build an interlinear as functional as the native interlinear.

But I know that interlinear is more complicated so it launches later then Logos 4's launch. Just want to see if Logos is planning to expand the capability of PBB to the extend that one can build interlinear from it.


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