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Richard Crampton | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Oct 14 2011 2:09 PM

Thanks to some industrious programmers Logos now works on my HP Touchpad.  YAhoo!!!!

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Charles T Wesco | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Oct 15 2011 8:30 PM

How?  I have an HP Touchpad I would like to use Logos with as well.  I have it tweaked, overclocked etc and have web OS quick instal and Preware on it.

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Angel Acevedo | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Oct 16 2011 4:23 AM

Install Android on the touchpad. I have one and installed Android on it. I love it. this is  a dual boot install, so you can still boot into WebOS it you like.

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Richard Crampton | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Oct 17 2011 2:36 PM

That's how I did it;)


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Preacherman | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 19 2011 8:12 PM

Yup...I too have the Alpha build (now at 2.1)...and it runs LOGOS great! Almost like my laptop, but will be much better in Church than my EVO 3D...Nice!

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David Q. Santos | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 28 2011 1:58 AM

How did you get it loaded. I loaded Android on my HP Tourchpad and can't get it to download. I get a warning that indicates that I don't have any devices associated with this account.  Thoughts?



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