Where are the Interlinears?

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Stephen Thorp | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Nov 7 2009 2:34 AM | Locked

Can someone please tell me how to find the interlinears and switch between them? Thanks!

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Allen Browne | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 7 2009 2:47 AM | Locked

Hi Stephen

In some packs (e.g. Scholars) you will find Greek-English interlinears if you search for them in the library. (You will also find them that way in version 3.)

If you don't have those you can open a Bible such as ESV or NASB95 in Logos version 4, and you will see "Interlinear" on the header tabs at the top (just below the translatation name.) These reverse-interlinears appear at the bottom of the pane, not as true interlinears. Logos expects to supply them as full-view interlinears by the middle of next year -- http://www.logos.com/4/missingfeatures

Note that not all translations have such a reverse-interlinear available.


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Stephen Thorp | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 7 2009 3:26 AM | Locked

Thanks Allen for a very quick and timely response saving me a lot of time and effort searching for things that aren't here yet - but when you look at the 'compare products' guide on the website it gives the impression that these things are included with your product immediately and not to follow, or at least I didn't appreciate that fact until you pointed it out to me on 'what's missing'.  Thanks for showing me how to use the resources I do have - much appreciated!


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Robert Pavich | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 7 2009 3:59 AM | Locked


you DO have the "small interlinear pane" on the bottom of your esv right?

Robert Pavich

For help go to the Wiki: http://wiki.logos.com/Table_of_Contents__

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Stephen Thorp | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 7 2009 4:09 AM | Locked

Yes thanks Robert! But as the interlinear tab does not appear with every translation and I tend to use the NIV as my default translation, I hadn't noticed the tab until Allen pointed it out with regard to the ESV! But I have it now thank you!

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spitzerpl | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 7 2009 4:49 AM | Locked

This is a place where sympathetic highlighting could be handy. It won't highlight the NIV...yet...but this view may help for the present and all non-interlinears in the future. Of course you could just put an interlinear next to a non interlinear, but I prefer to see the full Greek.

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Stephen Thorp | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 7 2009 7:00 AM | Locked

Philip. Great idea and good advice. Thanks for your time.

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Chris Kendrick | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 8 2009 6:44 AM | Locked

I just upgraded from 3.0 Gold to 4.0 Platinum, and I am having the same issues. I am missing all of the interlinears that appear on the comparison chart. What else am I missing? Does that list have books that we purchased and are yet to be published?

I am a little confused...

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Jon | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 8 2009 7:41 AM | Locked

The reverse interlinears are "built-in" to the english resources; open ESV or KJV or NRSV etc, there is an "Interlinear" option up the top to select to display interlinear information.

The list of books in the packages includes reverse interlinears for NIV and NLT which, I read somewhere, are now being finalised so it shouldn't be too long before they're pushed out... (you own the licences for them so your computer will automatically install them when the interlinear files are released). The rest of the interlinears should work already if your library has finished downloading.

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