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Stephen Kao | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 21 2012 12:11 AM


I am thinking about buying this collection, but want to know is there a link between the main text and the glossary.

I saw on the other post when in glossary, Logos will be able to give reference to where the word been used and in context.

But does it work the other way around, (i.e. position my mouse on a word, if that word is in the glossary, it will show the meaning of the word in a tool tip.

For example the word "abjects" in the glossary will give a tool tip reference where the word been used, and if I go to that play, and move my mouse over the word "abjects" would it give me the definition "servile persons" in tooltips

Thanks and God bless

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 21 2012 12:42 AM

Stephen, yes you can get Logos to work this way if you prioritize The Complete Works of Shakespeare above any of your English dictionaries. For info on how to prioritize your resources, see, especially the videos linked from there (upper right side of the page).

Normally when you double-click on a word in any resource it attempts to look it up in your top priority resource that is indexed by English headwords. Usually having a good English dictionary most highly prioritized it what you want there. But in the case of Shakespeare, if you want double-clicking on a word in there to jump to the glossary, without affecting how double-clicking works for words in other resources that aren't Shakespeare, then you need to do advanced prioritization, so that this only applies to The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Again, the Prioritizing page on the wiki will give you info on how to set up advanced prioritization.

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