Add the 1984 NIV

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Charles | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 24 2017 5:35 PM

Michael Childs:
This is a shame, and I cannot understand the logic.  The 1984 NIV was one of the most popular translations, and many of us (including me) still use it.  I still preach from it.

And so do I preach from it.  The NIV 84 was included with some of the older Logos packages that go way back.  The first time I remember getting it was with a Logos Library System package that ran on Windows 3.1.  It was included later with several of the Logos bundled packages for Libronix and the first versions of the newer Logos.

And like a previous reply stated, most of my NIV commentaries are based on the 84 version not the 2011 one.  You can still find paper copies of the 84 version if you shop around on eBay or several of the other websites that sell books and Bibles.

My paper copy was purchased at the Lifeway bookstore attached to the SWBTS seminary many years ago when I was attending.  Can't read the print on the cover any longer but the contents are still intact!

Merry Christmas everyone.

In Christ,


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Robert M. Warren | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 25 2017 8:46 AM

I affectionately refer to it as the YNIV

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Russel Taylor | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Dec 26 2017 11:42 AM

It appears that you can still get the Anglicised version of the 1984 NIV.  That's what I ended up getting to make up for the fact that the US 1984 version is unavailable.

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Keith Pang | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Dec 26 2017 2:09 PM

But is the anglicized one a worthwhile purchase? How far off is it from NIV 84

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Russel Taylor | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Dec 26 2017 2:41 PM

My understanding is that it is mostly the same text just with Anglicised spellings.  I've found a blog post which highlights a few differences in words/phrases: 

One thing, though, is that it apparently does not include a reverse interlinear (a feature that I do not use or really understand the benefits of).

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