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Philana Crouch | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 19 2012 11:03 AM

David Krueger:

Like you, I'm not a programer. But I gotta ask -- they had sermon indexer working with Logos 3. How hard can it be to get it working with Logos 4?

They have added these features into the Personal Book tool. It's currently in beta testing. But it does build indexes. One of the benefits is you can create multiple sermon books. This could include books of sermons or books of illustrations by friends and not just your own. The sermon file did not allow the creation of multiple books.

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tom | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 19 2012 12:32 PM

David Krueger:

Like you, I'm not a programer. But I gotta ask -- they had sermon indexer working with Logos 3. How hard can it be to get it working with Logos 4?

The issue was not about the indexer working.  L4 has a brand new UI, and it was the UI that was causing the issue (how to get the sermons into L4).

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 19 2012 1:02 PM

David Krueger:
How hard can it be to get it working with Logos 4?

As hard or harder than it was to get working in Logos 3 - the basic file structure has changed, the user interface has changed, the need to sync across platforms has been added .. (I am a programmer).

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Charles T Wesco | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Nov 9 2012 6:39 AM

OK, Now we are getting somewhere with the aspects of what I missed in the Sermon File Addin for Logos 4 and Logos 5!  I have copied and pasted a sample sermon file from this link: and then copied and pasted the syntax table format into my copy of Word and saved it as .docx Word format.  Then I went on and created a Personal book the normal way.  I end up with a personal book that has a number of my sermon outlines in it and at the end of the book there is an index that sorts things (i.e. shows every sermon that dealt with a certain bible passage, sorts sermons by date preached, location preached, topic covered and misc tags assigned.)  It also turned all Scripture references in the sermon notes to hotlinks, nice touch.

Here are my questions:

1.  Is it a good practice to import all of my sermons into one constantly re-complied personal book?  They each start as different Word documents filed separately on my computer.  It seems they would all need to be imported into one personal book called "My Sermons" so that I can see them all together and see the index sort details at the end of the book that shows all my sermons together by location preached etc.  Are there disadvantages to how my sermons would integrate into Logos though by having them all in one document?

-A related question...should I compile my sermon illustrations into the same PBB as the above Sermon book or a separate one?  Would it be better to have my index show for my sermons and my illustrations all in one place?

-A related question, can these personal book files have hundreds of Word documents compiled together as my sermon library grows?  Would this be practical having to re-compile my book each week after my newest sermon outlines were added?  How long would this compilation of hundreds of Word documents take?  What if it ever got corrupted or I switched computers and I had to pull hundreds of Word documents back into a personal book again?  BTW, I guess the bottom line is that I am looking more for a way to sort my sermons by different filters than I am to have them as a personal book in Logos.  Maybe I should be using some 3rd party Software instead of Logos?  Like: -But it does not look like it sorts by multiple topic well and I am not sure I trust it to be around long-term even though it does run on Mac and Windows...

2.  Is it wise to use the "topics" field for major topics covered in a sermon and the "tag" field for minor topics that might be referenced?

3.  Should I list every Scripture referenced under the Scripture section and not just the key passage being exegeted?  It seems like this would be good, although it might make it hard to see which passages I have formally preached through and which passages I have just touched upon while preaching topically.  

4.  I wish this table could be at the end of the document instead of the beginning.  When I go to print my personal preaching copy of the notes, I will now always have to temp cut out all this junk at the beginning of my sermon notes!  

5.  It seems that the title must be in the right font or it is not registered.

6.  Biggest question!  Where is my personal PBB file stored on my Mac for Logos 5?  I opened the hidden (Mountain Lion) folder on my mac (by opening finder, then clicking on "Go" key while holding the "opt" key and the hidden "Library" folder can then be opened on my mac...Under "Application Support" folder there is a folder called "Logos 4" and in that folder there are other folders.  If I drill down into the "Documents" folder there is a folder called "Personal Books".  In that folder are two files (even though I have all sorts of separate Personal books compiled) called: "PersonalBookManager.db" and "PersonalBookManager.db-journal".  I do not see my list of complied books here if I want to share one of them with my father or Logos on my other computer.  If I drill down in the Logos 4/Data folder, there are some files there: "index.dcm", -14kb size "index.fld" -2kb size, "index.idx" -48.8MB size, "index.lck" -0kb size, "index.lxn" -14.4 kb, "index.met" -36bites size, "LibraryIndex.db" -127kb size and "LibraryIndex.db-journal" -0kb size.  I do not see any of my complied book names anywhere separated out.  I cannot make sense of any of these files, even if I wanted to overwrite and restore all my books in one lump to another computer.  This site link: talks about restoring your full Logos instillation to another computer.  It looks like option two is referring to this same Logos 4 folder I have found, but the instructions are for Windows and not Mac and I am afraid to try over-writing a mac "library" folder like this unless I know that will work (option 2 at above link.)

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Charles T Wesco | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Nov 9 2012 8:51 AM

I got one of my own questions to backup/restore between machines my personal books:

I have figured out how to get my time-intensive compiled PBB books backed up (Mac 10.8.2) and copied over and recognized in Logos on my second mac following this procedure...they did not make it easy at Logos:

copy lbspbb files from Resource folder on one mac to the other mac, ... These files are in the mac hidden folder Library under application support/Logos 4/ Data/ Resource Manager/ Resources and end with "lbspbb" -search to only show this type to get personal books to copy into other machine to the same folder.   (The hidden Library folder in 10.8 is shown by opening finder and clicking on "go" and then holding the "opt" key to show the hidden system folder.)

I then had trouble making the new computer see the files.  Tech support level two told me how to force it to rebuild the default storage location index by closing Logos and then going to this folder: Library under application support/Logos 4/ Data/4ai5atbt.90.u/Resource Manager/  

Here there is a file called "ResourceManager.db" which they had me delete.  This forced the Logos program to rebuild its default resource database and my new .bspbb personal books all showed up when I next opened Logos!  )

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