Option to enable/disable font smoothing

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Tom | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 19 2009 9:14 PM

On my Dell mini 1010 I have plenty of ram and speed for MS Office, Logos 3, Open Office Portable, and doing video conferencing. Have over 1 gb of ram to space when logos 4 is open, normal apps, and firefox. When I scroll up and down in a book in Logos 4 there is a huge delay. Even Kindle for PC scrolls fast and I can read and scroll at the same time. For logos 4 I have to read the page and hit page down, wait 5-6 seconds and then the new page is there. Single line scrolling is annoying becuase I either over or under scroll the lines I expected to scroll. I tend to believe it is because of the font smoothing engine that is being used. Sometimes the text is distorted and does not refresh. That's one thing the mini 1010 does not have, a good graphics card with dedicated ram. Can the developers take a look into this and see if it would be a usefull option to have?My issue occurs even with minimal applications open and processes running. I am a C# .NET developer so if you want me to try some tests let me know.



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