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Randy W. Sims | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Sep 3 2012 4:51 PM

There is a app for the Chrome browser, "Google Chrome to Phone Extension", that sends a  notification to mobile devices with a link to the current web page being viewed. You can then open your phone, tablet, etc, click on the notification and read the page on the mobile device.

I'd love to have the same thing in Logos desktop. It's generally much easier on my eyes to read longer passages on my tablet. So it'd be nice to have an option that sent a notification to any other devices with a link to the current resource being viewed in the desktop app so that I can click on the notification to open up and read that resource. Alternatively it could pop up a notification when I launch the mobile Logos app to tell me there is a resource available to view, but I think the notification way would be easier and more flexible; It would probably make it easier for multiple notification to be sent and stacked, allowing the user to select which resource to view when they want.


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