Bible Search following install on new PC

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Joe Hicks | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 4 2012 8:59 AM

LOGOS Tech Support is so great.  LOGOS is so great.

I got a new company PC.  During the corporate install all my logos files were ported into the same "logos" folder where I had it installed on the old PC.  I connected to and re-installed LOGOS, pointing the install to the pre-existing folder where all the resources were.  The LOGOS installer was smart enough to realize the resources were present (aka it did not download them again) and very quickly everything worked and all my resources were there. 

Searches worked great but Bible searches always returned nothing.  Clearly the new install over the top of my existing files/resources missed indexing the Bibles somehow.  Not wanting to re-download the platnum+ I called tech-support to see if there was an easier route.

They told me, in what seemed like 20milliseconds, to enter "rebuild bible index" from the command line input.  Worked great.  I'm all back to where I was before the new PC at least related to LOGOS.

Did I mention LOGOS Tech Support is great?

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