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Jerry M | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Sep 5 2012 12:02 PM

I had my library, approximately 3000 resources, rated at two stars.  I wanted to start using ratings for other purposes now that the iPad app syncs them, so I deleted all the ratings.  Then rated a few that I wanted to see on the iPad.  The problem is that the ones I added are working fine, but the ones I deleted still show two stars.  However, if I search "rating:2" they don't show or if I search rating:0 the resources show with the stars gone.  It is only in all other applications of the library that they show the two stars.  So it doesn't affect performance, it is just that they are visible when they shouldn't be.  I have turned off the iPad several times and given plenty of time for sync to work.  I didn't see this in known issues so I thought I would mention it.

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