Lessons learned from the "interesting" Logos 5 launch.

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Travis Walter | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Nov 3 2012 9:19 AM

Some observations that might help Logos when the do a L6.  I say "interesting" cause the forums and FB have been very active with these discussion, a lot of spew and a lot of good info.

  • Communication

Up until L5 came out, I had no knowledge it was in the works, sure one can assume they are working on something, but no press release, no emails, nothing.  I actually found out on Facebook -- welcome to late 2012!

In might opinion, Logos should have said that L5 introduces a complete "re-bundling of packages" -- again put this out weeks before it happens, so people can start to let that sink in.

  • Package names

I think this was the biggest blunder on logo's team.  If they changed the package names to Dog, Cat, Moose, etc.  ANYTHING from the current names, 80% (yes my random number) of the flaming on the forums would have gone away.

Suggest an equivalency of the current L4 names to L5 names.  A lot of the initial info on the forums was about the high costs of "upgrading" to what you had.  Well if the names were different then I think the initial thought of "I had platinum, I don't want to DOWNGRADE to silver" etc. goes away.

  • L4 to L5 mapping.

I know the tools on Logo.com show you whats new to you, whats new in L5 etc.  But they are missing something that would be interesting to me, and I would think others. How do the old L4 packages fit in the L5 packaging?  

I have L4 Platinum.  I know there are some resources that are not available in L5 due to whatever reason (at least I've read that on the forums), but I would like to see all the resources that are in the old L4 bundles in a table and then have the columns for L5 bundles.  I think that would allow the users a better feel of how things laid out from L4 to L5 and we can make a better decision on what bundles/resources we want vs the names.

For me, once the initial shock of why would I want to pay $595 (my upgrade price from L4 Plat to L5 Plat) and started to look at this "as a new product" , independent of names, my emotions calmed.  The price, yes is high, but I'm looking at this in a different light now.

I will probably purchase L5 plat since L5 Gold is $460 to me and L5 Diamond is $1500, the price curve suggests L5 Plat is "my sweet spot". But i have not made up my mind. (Still hoping for a secret price reduction on upgrades :)


Hope my ramblings made some sense and conveys what others have been thinking also.

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Travis Walter | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 4 2012 8:08 AM

I'm still kind of shocked that the homepage of Logos.com doesn't address some of these things, especially suggested mapping and maybe even a quick change on the names.  Clearly this is a MAJOR blunder.


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David Thomas | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 4 2012 2:35 PM

Check out the chart in this thread http://community.logos.com/forums/t/58191.aspx

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