Disk space issues with Logos 5 Portfolio

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Dennis J. Carter | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Nov 20 2012 8:29 AM

Last week I bought a Lenova Yoga 13 with 128gb ssd. (The drive only has 63 gb available.) I installed my portfolio edition and it took most of my free space. I didn't have enough space to install my Bibleworks. I ended up buying a USB 3.0 external hard drive and installed Bibleworks on that. However, I would like to install both on my ssd. Is there a way to put part of my Logos 5 library on the ssd and part of the library on the external hard drive. 

I wouldn't mind hiding resources on my laptop, I could put a limited library on my laptop, but it seems that when I hide resources, they are hidden on my desktop also. 

Are there any suggestions on how to have Logos  5 and Bibleworks on the same ssd without removing hidden partitions on my ssd?

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David Bailey | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Nov 20 2012 9:17 AM

Dennis J. Carter:
Are there any suggestions on how to have Logos  5 and Bibleworks on the same ssd without removing hidden partitions on my ssd?


Congrats on your new Lenovo purchase. I use a T61 Lenovo that barely runs Logos 5, but I can cope with the limited system I have when I need a laptop.

Questions: Besides Logos and BibleWorks, what other commercial programs do you have on your Lenovo?  Are they needed?  How much space is needed by L5 Portfolio and by BW?

Sounds like you need to consider installing a larger capacity SSD in your Lenovo?  You can install the SSD yourself by searching for information on the Internet.  Without removing the hidden partition, you must decide which commercial program you can remove from your laptop.  I removed Lenovo bloatware years ago and only use select tools that Lenovo created (Lenovo Update and Drivers, Airbag Protection, and Power Management).

If you want to claim the space used by the hidden partition...

You can also contact Lenovo and ask if they could send you (for a reasonable price perhaps) a copy of the OS and Lenovo tools on a System DVD disc. The hidden partition is used to store your factory image of the primary partition. This is Lenovo's method to restore your hard drive if it crashes or something else happens to your OS partition. I removed my hidden partition several years ago because I backup my hard drive onto an external drive.  I formatted my hard drive and re-installed Windows 7 64, taking advantage of the increased disk capacity (I recall about 6 GB more once I removed the hidden partition). You have an external USB 3.0 drive that you can back up your image to.

After you back up your important data, you can do a clean install of Windows 8 (or 7) using the disc that you can purchase from Lenovo. I am not using Windows 8, but you can determine how much disk space is needed by the OS. You will need to re-install onto the computer other commercial programs that you want to use.

I did this for my father's Lenovo T510.  I backed up his important data, formatted his disk drive (and removed the hidden partition), and used a Lenovo DVD system disc to re-install Windows 7 64 and selected Lenovo-made tools onto the new partition. Then, I downloaded the Microsoft updates for Win 7, re-installed Office 2010, anti-virus software, and my father's financial planning software back onto his laptop. I also used Method #2 (from the Wiki page) to install Logos back onto his Lenovo. His laptop has been running well ever since.

You have several options. (1) Remove unneeded commercial software; (2) re-claim the hidden partition for your use and re-install the Os and programs that you want to use; (3) purchase a larger capacity SSD; (4) continue to use the external hard drive for BW


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John Salinas | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Apr 7 2013 4:52 AM

I assume you probably have already heard about this by now, but just in case you haven't check this out: http://www.zdnet.com/lenovo-cleans-up-its-incredibly-messy-yoga-13-disk-layout-7000008379/ 

Here is the direct link to the hotfix: http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS033035

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Apr 7 2013 6:31 AM

Dennis J. Carter:
I wouldn't mind hiding resources on my laptop, I could put a limited library on my laptop, but it seems that when I hide resources, they are hidden on my desktop also.

Concur hiding resources affects all Logos installations.  An option for a limited Logos library is using Wiki quick installation method 2 or 3 => http://wiki.logos.com/Quick_Installation_onto_multiple_computers that has a subset of resources in folder being scanned and set automatically download updates to NO.  Can manually install software plus use scan command to add resource(s) as desired.

Keep Smiling Smile

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