Logos list of my books does not include logos books purchased directly from other vendors?!?

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Jeff Hendershot | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Dec 9 2012 12:07 PM

When Logos offers me a new package, I've noticed I do in fact own many of the books the website notes as me not owning (the "dots" are in the column beside the book that I supposedly do not own). I've purchased LLS books on CD/DVD from many vendors in the past (e.g. Baker, Nelson, etc.) that are part of my library. Is this because I did not purchase those directly from Logos that these books are not showing up as me already owning them, or is it because there is so much new internal data/code to make the Logos 5 features work that these books are now counted as "new" books?  Any insight on this? 


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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 9 2012 12:23 PM

There was a post a while back from a user that had a similar situation. Apparently there were some older, third party, Libronix CD's that included some books the pricing calculator was not able to account for. I would suggest contacting Logos directly with a list of those resources you already own that are showing as new to you.

Also keep in mind that some resources include multiple volumes that you may own parts of, but not the whole set being sold. Originally those all showed up as new to you, but I think they changed the display on those to something else (a ? inside a circle I think) to reflect the system recognized you own part of that set.

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Jeff Hendershot | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 10 2012 1:50 PM

Thanks. What do you think the best (easiest) way of accounting for the books I own and communicating that to Logos is?  I would think that since these sync up online with their server(s), that they already know what I own. Many of these that Logos does not "credit" me as having show up on my iPad resources (so I know that part of Logos system  acknowledges  that I own these books)....


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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 10 2012 4:12 PM

I would just make a list of those resources that are showing as "new to you" on the upgrade page that you already have, then give Logos a call and discuss it with them.

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David Wilson | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 10 2012 6:25 PM

While it does not always explain why books you already own would not show up "grayed out" when you click on the respective resource page, and might not show up and be accounted for when you look at what the algorithms think are "new to you" in the new Base Packages and Christmas Bundles, there are a few reasons titles may not be accounted for as you might expect:

1: Legacy issues with the Libronix CDs containing additional material that was not included in the download bundle with a similar title: many third party CDs included a Logos 3 Home Page specific to that particular CD or CD series, included several bibles such as KJV and ASV or other resources such as mp3 audio files or short videos. As a result the CDs when also sold by Logos through the web site had different product numbers than were assigned to the downloadable book collections with the same name.  The CD and download were treated by Logos as if they were seperate resources in many cases even when they contained exactly the same content (which was primarily the case for CDs that Logos produced themselves).  I would have hoped that this would have been resolved by now as the books you already own this way are the same no matter which way you bought them.  But with so many thousands of individual titles having been available through dozens of different CD sources it is probable that not everything has been adequately accounted for, especially as some third party CDs contained resources and resource bundles that Logos "no longer sells"

2: Titles which are identical but the resources themselves are different books by different authors: would be great if authors and publishers always selected unique titles to avoid confusion with the works of others, but not likely to happen. W when I see a title such as "Systematic Theology" included in a bundle or package, it often gives no direct idea as to who was the author. If I search my library for "Systematic Theology" I get 32 hits and 5 of these contain only the words "Systematic Theoogy" in the Logos book title.  The "Systematic Theology" in the Christmas Theology bundles is not among them.  Similarly for titles such as "Commentary on the Gospel of John"...... and many others.....

3: They actually are the same title by the same author, but they are older standard copyright free works that several different third parties digitized independently (not always to high standards), often with their own third party title pages rather than the originals and what you have is a version produced by a different third party. Not all these third party resources were adopted by Logos. Works by Calvin, John Owen, Charles Hodge, Spurgeon etc can fall into this category.

4. Other legacy or tagging issues which might leave a book title unintentionally outside the scope of whatever coding Logos are using to determine what you own from third party resources puirchased other than from the Logos web site. Most forum users seem to think that most third party resources are now accounted for on Logos servers, but that may never get to 100% as some are no longer in business at all and some are no longer doing business with Logos.  Note that purchasing directly from Logos has until relatively recently been optional (for Logos produced resources, which were available through other sellers) and was and remains not even an option for some third party CD resources which Logos does not sell currently even as downloads  (eg: John M Frame Theology Collection: http://www.logos.com/press/reviews/jamesanderson , Logos product # 3586)
When I first bought my Logos 2 package, Logos would not sell directly to anyone outside the USA, they emailed me the contact information for an outfit in Canada that was selling for them here. (Same for other places like South Africa as I recall). One Libronix 3 (and earlier) legacy issue is that not all users have all their older resources registered under the same user ID, email and address, and not all Libronix/Logos 3 users have all their licenses synchronized to the Logos servers (some did that once but have added other 3rd party CDs since).  Many of these "issues" can get quickly resolved through Logos customer service, but they cannot all be resolved through an automated process.

5. Other problems and issues that I have no idea about but other forum users may be familiar with.....


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