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Tommy Johnston | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Dec 14 2012 11:44 AM

I've been experiencing a huge amount of battery drain on two Jelly Bean 4.1 devices on which I use Logos (ASUS TF700, and HTC Evo LTE).  The drain is associated with the "media" app (media scanner specifically), which runs each time the device is rebooted.  Normally it runs for a short period of time, but since upgrading to 4.1 the service is chocking on files with wildcards in their names.  In this case it is the "_" that comes from downloading resources to use offline in the logos app that is causing me headaches.  I arrived at this conclusion after several factory resets followed by downloading resources and then rebooting.  

The problem has been patched by google in Jelly Bean 4.2, but the there is no timetable for either of my devices receiving firmware updates in the near future.  Is there any way you guys can update the logos app to not use wildcards in the resource names or file structure?  My other options are simply not to download resources to be used offline, which largely defeats the purpose of my mobile devices, or to manually "kill" the media app each time I restart my device, which leaves me without the ability to use many media players.  

Please see the following links for documentation and information about the bug.

Anything that can be done to workaround the issue will greatly improve my ability to use logos on my devices.  As more users get their devices upgraded to Android 4.1, this could become pervasive issue.  

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