Tooltip (mouse over) information in BHS and NA27

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Anthony Fisher | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jan 26 2013 3:39 AM

When I hover over words in my BHS, the tooltips display parsing information, but no glosses. (AFAT shows far more information including glosses, though they don't seem to be coming from one of my Hebrew lexicons). NA27 tooltips include glosses from LN, but not BDAG, even though BDAG is prioritized over LN.

There have been requests to switch off tooltips completely. I'm more interested in tweaking the tooltip content. It would be great, if one could determine whether glosses are shown or not and which lexicon they come from (at least indirectly via prioritizing). Minimally, I'd love to have glosses in my BHS tooltips.


PS: I'm using L4.6a with Windows 7.

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Kevin Becker | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jan 26 2013 5:09 AM

The tooltips reveal tagging information that is imbedded in the resource, it is not affected by prioritizing. That is why some Hebrew Bibles will display glosses and others don't.

It would be great if there was a way to do that for the tool tip. Right now I suggest using the information tool, it is highly customizable. Setting it to run on click and not hover is best for performance.

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